10 Essentials For A Family Summer Vacation

Going on vacation with your family is a lot of fun. It is the one time in the year that you can spend quality time together, let your hair down, and have fun. Whether you have a big or small family, young or older children, there are some basic essentials you will need for your family summer vacation to run as smoothly as possible. 

Essentials For A Family Summer Vacation

Brightly colored cabins for family summer vacations

A towing vehicle

When you go on a family summer vacation, you will likely require a car. Whether you are hiring a car in a new country or using your own, a trailer can really help. A trailer will allow you more room to carry equipment, bags, and even use for picnics on long journeys. They are a great way to maximize the space when you are traveling. 

Towing a trailer requires some basic tips and trips, which you should take on board if you want your trip to run smoothly. To attain more information on towing basics click here, especially if you are towing a trailer for the first time there are some precautions you may want to take.


If you and your family are going on vacation to a hot destination, do not forget the sunscreen. Adults and children should wear it on their face, neck, and body all day long to protect the skin from strong sun rays. 

You should always carry a travel size one in your backpack so that you can reapply it throughout the day if you are out doing activities


Speaking of backpacks, they are a key essential for family vacations. Even if you have one, you will have somewhere to store everyone’s belongings. Backpacks allow you to carry around your essentials for the day without filling out your pockets or a small handbag. 

Some backpack essentials include:

Extra shoes

You or your children might find that they want to do some hiking or go for long walks. Sandals and pumps might not be appropriate. Thus, you should all bring an extra pair of shoes. Trainers are the best option as they provide safety and comfort. 

You will likely bring other shoes too, such as heels or smart shoes for nice dinners when you take family summer vacations. Or, you might require sliders or flip flops for the beach


For a relaxing vacation, you might enjoy some time on the beach or by the pool with books. Nothing beats reading and listening to the sound of the water

You might all require a down day due to doing lots of fun activities. Thus, if you bring a book for everyone then you can all relax and enjoy a few hours of reading. They are a great time filler too if some members of the family have gone out for a hike and you want to relax by yourself and soak up the peace. 

Healthy snacks

Children get hungry quickly and in some cases, they can become frustrated and demand a snack. Instead of overspending and allowing them to have every sweet treat they see, it can help to pack healthy snacks

You could pack breakfast bars, dried fruit, and nuts to fulfil their cravings in between meals. Healthy snacks are good for their overall health, will keep them energized, and fulfilled. They are great for the adults too and are handy to have for long days out. 

Warm clothes

Even if you are going to a warm destination, you never know when the weather might cool or if your children get chilly. Bringing warm clothes is a safe call so that nobody has to go cold. 

Some essentials include jeans, jumpers, and a hat. A hat is a great item for all weather to protect from the cold and the heat for your family summer vacation.

Likewise, if you are traveling to a colder destination then you might want to consider packing something lighter just in case the weather changes. You never know how quickly the cool temperatures might warm up. A simple dress or lighter shirt may be what you need to feel comfortable, or the children to not overheat. 


To fill time and keep everyone entertained, games are a great thing to pack in your case. It could be a simple pack of cards or a puzzle. A game will encourage everyone to spend quality time together, especially in the evenings when the day of activities is over. 

Games are a great way to pass the time when traveling, which can help keep the children entertained. Children can easily become bored. Thus, always having a game at hand will ensure that they never moan and kick up a fuss. 

Portable charger

You will likely rely on your mobile phone a lot when on a family vacation. You can research nearby activities, use it for maps, and keep important documents on there. 

Thus, heavily relying on your phone can be frustrating if it loses charge. To prevent this, you should pack a portable charger. You will always be able to ensure that your phone stays charged and you always have everything at hand when you need it.


If you are traveling to a close by destination and by car, you might enjoy taking bikes. Bikes will allow you and the children to get your fitness in and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

You can go off-road with bikes, which you might not be able to do on foot or in a car

If you cannot take all of the bikes with you due to lack of space on your vehicle, then you could hire them from a local company. They are often affordable and a great activity to keep the entire family entertained. 

The next time you go on a family vacation, ensure to keep this list of essentials in mind. Simply taking some books, sunscreen, and a portable charger will make your trip as smooth as possible and leave little room for error. When you travel with children, it is best to be as organized and fuss-free as possible for an enjoyable family summer vacation.

Where are you taking a family summer vacation this year?

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