10 Must-Haves for a Warm and Cozy Winter

My cozy winter must-haves help make the season bearable. I like to use the cold, wet weather to spend planning out my writing schedule for the entire year. Here in Lynchburg, we don’t get much snow; so it’s not really pretty outside. The rain makes everything muddy and dreary. It’s impossible to be cozy outside but indoors is another story. Check out my 10 Must-Haves for a cozy winter!

Books are my number one must-haves for a cozy winter!


A good selection of books is my number one must-have during the winter months. I am old-school and prefer paperback/hardcover books over digital. There is something about feeling the pages between my hands and the smell of the book that helps transport me into a new world.

I tend to stay within the Thriller, Mystery, Horror, and Romance genres of books; but I am open to others. Self-Help and Inspirational novels are high up on my favorites’ list, too.

Traveling isn’t something I’m able to do as often as I’d like and I feel like books get to fill that gap for an indoor, cozy winter.

What are your favorite types of books?

A comfy blanket

A few of my friends and I were talking earlier this year about the ‘funny’ things we said we’d never do when we were in our 20’s — and now we’re doing them. One of those things is placing throw blankets on the back of our chairs, couches, etc.

The habit all started with one blanket. But it’s not just any ol’ blanket. It’s the most amazing blanket that I’ve ever owned!

Patriot Blue from American Blanket Company - One of my cozy winter must-haves!

The American Blanket Company’s Luster Loft Fleece Blanket is the softest blanket that you’ll ever place on your lap. Made here in the USA, this blanket continues to be one of my favorite cozy must-haves wash after wash. In over two years, it’s never pilled nor shed!


For me, a day without coffee is like a day without sunshine. My grandpa let me prepare his coffee every morning and although I loved the smell, I thought the taste was horrid. Fast forward 20 years and my husband gave me a sip of his cup — resulting in me getting hooked on the delicious liquid! He only drinks coffee during the colder months; but I will drink it year-round — even when it’s 100°+!

Coffee is a cozy winter must-have!

Everyone has their favorite brand and blend of coffee. What is yours? I had the opportunity to try Community Coffee’s Mardis Gras King Cake blend and oh my! It was everything I never knew could fit inside a mug. It inspired me to create a King Cake since we’d never been to Louisiana to experience one before.

Community Coffee Easter King Cake Close Up

A Good Paper Planner

“Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable!”
― Eric Jerome Dickey, Sleeping with Strangers

The first time I remember considering the aspect of schedules was when I was in a play during the 6th grade. My role didn’t begin until the second half but I wanted my parents there for the entire show. They rushed in, last-minute, and barely caught my opening lines. It was at that moment that I realized how important is was to be on-time. I took it one step further by making sure I arrived 10 to 15 minutes early for appointments, work, etc. That habit has continued into adulthood.

To stay on track with blogging/writing, our family’s meal plan, school events, practices, etc., I keep a planner. It keeps us organized and ready to tackle every day. My favorite is from Order Out of Chaos – it’s designed for academics; but truly works for all schedules!


As a writer, notepads are a must-have to jot down ideas as they pop into my head. I keep one near my laptop, in the bag I carry for work, one in the car, and one beside my bed. I’ve often woke up during the night with an idea for my novel or blog. If I don’t write it down right then, it’s easy to lose. My family gives me a hard time about my need for “cute” notepads but to me, it’s a fun way to express my personality.

Perfect Writing Utensils

In addition to the cute notebooks, finding the perfect pen to write with is a challenge. My handwriting has become horrible over the years thanks to a cyst in my wrist; but I still enjoy writing things out by hand. It helps me to retain the information on a deeper level. I prefer fun colors to help distinguish between what is blog-related, meal plan, school events, etc. I also like a finer point – at least 0.7 mm.

Do you have a pen that you prefer?

Comfy Socks

A comfy pair of socks is crucial for staying warm during the winter. We have cool hardwood floors and I like to keep my toes warm! My closest friends all know that my personality shines through my socks. I prefer basic, classic styles for my clothing but the crazier the socks, the better for a cozy winter!

Do you wear standard socks or enjoy a fun designed pair?

Candles/Wax Melts

In addition to my home being warm and cozy with a blanket and socks, I love for it to smell amazing, too. One of my favorite brands is Happy Wax. Their wax melts come in the shape of cute little bears and last longer than other brands I’ve tried. The coffee mix set makes your entire house smell like a fresh pot is brewing and the holiday mix makes your home feel warm and inviting for a cozy winter!

Sweaters for a Cozy Winter

I love my hoodies but sweaters are always a favorite of mine. They are great to layer and easy to remove if I get too warm. Sweaters wrap around you like a hug! I prefer the open-front cardigan styles to pull-overs as well as the “chunkier” style featuring big buttons.

What do you wear to stay warm in the winter?


Until we bought our new house, I never understood the draw of throw pillows. We had a set that came with our couch; but I never considered adding any extras – especially with fun textures or patterns. After a friend suggested a set, I quickly understood the desire for them. For a small investment, you can instantly make a room feel ready for a cozy winter!

Do you decorate with throw pillows? Do you change them out for different seasons or holidays?

What are your cozy winter must-haves? Comment below!


  1. This is like a list of comfort food you cannot eat! (Well, you can drink the coffee while eating the King Cake!)

    I love the list – and I agree with them all, except I never considered socks.


    • My husband gives me a hard time about the socks! I’m not a handbag/shoes kind of woman but I do love funky socks. And if they’re cozy – even better! I try to be careful with the King Cake – it’s a little less forgiving in the belt loops than the coffee!

  2. Wow. I say yes to everything on your list. My particular faves are a hot cup of tea, a cozy blanket and a good romance novel to read.

  3. My list is very similar to yours. The main difference is tea instead of coffee. :)@

  4. Pillows are life! Am I right? I also never understood the appeal until we moved into our own home, and I’ve been obsessed since. That cake looks divine, and I’m on board with the socks. Just need to switch out coffee for tea and cocoa for me <3

  5. Hot pot of coffee on all day long!

  6. Cozy blanket and fuzzy socks.

  7. Cuddling with my sweet little Chloe Pearl!.

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