3 Calming Activities To Promote Relaxation

What types of calming activities do you use to promote relaxation?

We all have stressful lives, but it is how we manage that stress that can either leave us pulling our hair out and suffering heart palpitations, or taking a step back to reflect, remain calm and move forward. If you know that stress can cause greater anxiety and worry, it’s vital that you can embark on some activities that can aid in your relaxation.

Rather than just having a soak in the tub surrounded by scented candles only to emerge to a houseful of banshee children yet again, it’s time that you considered some more revolutionary endeavors. Take a look at how you can promote relaxation through calming activities.

Calming Activities To Promote Relaxation


If you don’t consider yourself as much of an art lover, it’s time to venture to a gallery. You might not have been to a gallery since you were at school. However, these places are havens of peace and quiet. The Park West Gallery is the largest art dealer in the world and has a novel way of seducing new would-be gallery visitors. If you are thinking of going on a cruise any time soon to help banish your stress, consider heading on a cruise with an art auction on board. Here, you can take a browse of some art and maybe pick up a piece that you like.

If you have a gallery local to you, it can be worthwhile venturing inside. The people who run galleries are always welcoming and love chatting about the art that they have on show. Check out local exhibitions and enjoy the tranquillity that comes with browsing paintings and sculptures.


If you are feeling stressed, you might be tempted to head to your local doctor for a checkup. This can be a good idea, especially if you feel your physical or mental well being declining. Doctors are now better trained than ever to spot mental health concerns. However, they won’t reach for the pills in the first instance. Instead, they may prescribe a course of mindfulness. This is a great way of encouraging you to change the way you think about things. Rather than worrying about the future and what may not even happen you will learn to live more in the present. This can help relieve your stress and see you free from worries. You may start to sleep better and have more time to clear your head and keep your frame of mind more positive.

Learn Something

Doing something new and learning a new skill can take your mind away from your worries and concerns. Rather than fretting about things, you can look forward to embarking on a beginner’s Japanese course, or enrolling into a cake decorating class or trying out that free piano lesson. Doing something new can be scary, especially if you aren’t used to going out and socializing. However, you will be able to make new friends, extend your social circle and enjoy learning something different. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s an art class or a martial arts lesson, go for it!

Being stressed can shorten your life. Take control, be proactive and try some of these activities to promote relaxation.

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  1. These are all great ideas though I do enjoy a relaxing bath and a glass of wine!

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