3 Gifting Habits to Develop in 2021

How are your gifting habits? When we wish to give someone a gift, it’s very important to get it right for that person. Often, the advice ‘buy that person something they might not buy themselves’ is actually quite nice, as it gives them the chance to go outside of their usual comfort zone and use something that can appreciate.

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Of course, sometimes however, gifting can feel a little difficult. We can forget just what sensitivities someone has, both personal or ethical, and that can limit us. It might be that we’re simply tired of purchasing gifts that hold way too much packaging, as this hits the environment more than we would like it to.

Furthermore, perhaps we have many people to gift items to, and we simply can’t stretch our funds as much as we would like to in the times of Covid-19 and its associated national lockdowns and job losses. For that reason, we have a few tidbits of advice that can help both you and your recipient shine as a matter of this gifting protocol in 2021.

Environmental Concerns

It can be nice to think of the environment when gifting items. Instead of sending a plastic gift card with a serial key on it, why not just purchase a gift card and send it digitally, through email? There’s no paper being used, and the sentiment is the same. It also arrives instantly. Sure there’s no ‘tangible’ thing that you open aside from an email, but the thought is still there. Going for items with limited packaging, or supporting small, sustainable businesses (of which there are many) can really be a great use of your time, and it helps support the practices you most want to see.

Supporting Something Worthwhile

There are many worthwhile gifts you can give in someone’s name. For instance, making a donation to an important cause, a cause that you know the person cares about, can serve as a lovely gift. You might adopt an animal in a sanctuary abroad for them, or you might focus on investing in supporting a charity trying to eradicate a disease that someone close to them has suffered from. This might require knowing the person intimately to pull off well of course, but there’s no reason why this is anything less than possible, and extremely thoughtful to pull off.

Alternative Products

Alternative, exciting products will go a long way to ensuring your gifts feel new, novel and original. For instance, diamonds that are man made are quickly becoming the hot new topic, thanks to their ethical lab production, identical composition and quality, and of course, beauty of the product at large. This can help you gift an amazing item with a new and interesting story about it, something that we don’t see every day, or something that breaks an established norm we had taken for granted. Soon, these alternative products will become the main focus.

With this advice, we hope you can switch up your gifting habits to become a better gifter, and recipient.

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