3 Simple Home Crafts to Do This Spring

Spring is here and many homeowners are focusing on cleaning and decorating their homes. Bringing in a little spring decor can be quite easy to do with some time and creativity. While big home renovation projects like a basement remodel can offer up to a 70% ROI, according to Home Advisor, there are plenty of spring crafts that you can do quickly that will brighten up your home. So here are a few great DIY spring craft ideas for you to try.

DIY Birdhouse

One of the most popular spring crafts is birdhouses — with the spring weather finally here, there are so many cute and chirping birds flying around. So why not give them a nice home? Birdhouses are great because you can either make one from scratch, by gluing together seven pieces of wood, or you can buy a plain birdhouse and decorate it. To build one from scratch, you’ll need four pieces of wood the same size, two pieces a little longer for the roof, and one for the bottom. Simply glue them together with wood glue and cut a hole in the front piece. If you’re taking the easier route and buying a plain birdhouse, all you’ll need is paint of your choosing and some paint brushes. Consider bright, spring colors to attract the birds and look nice overall — but you can really paint it however you’d like. And the best thing about birdhouses is that they look cute both outside and inside a house. Obviously, there won’t be any birds living in it if you put it inside your home, but it can be a great spring decoration.

Flower Chandelier

With about 15% of a home’s wall space consisting of windows, you may be looking for some spring decor that doesn’t have to go on a wall. If this is the case, then this hanging flower chandelier is the perfect craft for you. You’re going to need:

  • An embroidery hoop (around 10″)
  • Long floral stems
  • Clear thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Small metal clip

Start by painting the embroidery hoop a color of your choice. Once it’s dry, take your flowers and trim them so there is about 4″ of stem from where the flowers end. Thread your needle with the clear thread and put the needle through the end of the flower stem — then tie the thread around the embroidery hoop so the flower hands down and secure the thread. Continue doing this for all of your flowers until you’re happy with how your chandelier looks. To hang the hoop, tie three pieces of thread equally distanced around the hoop — bring them together in the middle and secure them with the metal clip and hang it wherever you’d like in your home.

Spring Floral Wreath

Wreaths are a great seasonal craft because they’re easy to make and they can be reused year after year. But if you have an old, outdated wreath, you may be looking to replace it, especially with interior designers recommending updating the decor in a room every five to 10 years. To make a new spring wreath, you’ll need:

  • A foam wreath form
  • Ribbon or fabric of your choice
  • Floral pins
  • Floral sprigs of your choice
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Hot glue

Start by wrapping your fabric or ribbon around the foam wreath form and securing it in place with hot glue. Once the wreath form is covered, you’ll want to add your flowers. You can use real flowers if you’d like but you can also use fake flowers so you don’t have to worry about replacing them as they die. Place the flowers along one side of the wreath, filling the space as much as you’d like. Once the flowers are pinned in place, consider adding other elements, like little wooden words that say “welcome” or “hello” and maybe a bow in the middle of the flowers. After you’re happy with the finished product, tip some ribbon around the top and hang it on a door to extend a nice spring welcome to guests.

Any one of these spring crafts will make a great addition to your home. And if you love these, maybe you can try something more complex like embroidery or t-shirt design in the future. So if you’re looking for an easy way to brighten up your home, consider doing one of these simple projects.

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