3 Sure Fire Home Remedies For Child Ailments

Home Remedies For Child Ailmentsplease always consult a physician

If you have a small brood running riot within your home, the chances are that you adore their little banshee like tendencies. It is when your children are alert, feisty and boisterous that you know that they are well. When they become quieter, refuse to eat and get sleepy, you know that something is a little awry.

Younger children often don’t verbalize their pain, and it takes a mother’s instinct to recognize when something isn’t right. If you think something is seriously wrong, then you must seek medical advice. However, for those more common ailments, there are home remedies that you can try to help your little ones get back to their usual louder selves.

The Common Cold

If your little one has recently started nursery or has just headed back to school, the chances are that they will pick up a cold eventually. Sniffles, a mild fever and congestion are common. These symptoms can leave your darlings feeling crummy. Instead of buying expensive cough suppressants, try a simple remedy of warm water, honey and lemon. This sweet drink tastes delicious and the honey acts as a linctus, coating the throat and preventing those irritating tickles. If your offspring get the dreaded cold sores post virus, it might be time to investigate cold sore laser treatment cost, especially if they become chronic. Once the herpes virus is caught, it can stay dormant for a long time.

Tummy Bug

If your little one returns home from school complaining of a tummy ache and they start vomiting, they may have picked up a bug of some sort. Sickness should be short lived, but nausea can stick around for ages. To try and make their nausea go away, try a drink with some added ginger. Ginger tea, sweetened with honey can help the digestive tract settle rather than increase queasiness. Ginger tablets are great for adults, but some ginger hidden in a smoothie or ice cream can work wonders for kids. If ginger is unpalatable, apple cider vinegar can work just as well.


Ear infections and aches are common in children. For some reason, their ears can become infected because of a lingering virus or because of a nasty bacteria. Hearing loss, clogged waxy ears, and a pain can make your little cherub’s life a misery. While antibiotics may help, there are other home remedies to try. Garlic drops placed in the ear every night before bed can be massively soothing. They can also help unclog the ears and feel less muffled, making your child more comfortable. The best way to recover from an ailment is to sleep. By having a soothing anti-inflammatory ear drop, pain can lessen just enough to help your little one drop off and can help them to recover more quickly.

Being a nurturing parent means that you hate to see your child suffer. However, by being armed with some home remedies that work, you can ensure that your little darling recovers quickly and soon returns to being their usual cheeky self.

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