3 Ways to Get More Quality Time in the Great Outdoors

Dog on mountain top enjoying the outdoors

All human beings, on some level, have an innate connection with the great outdoors – whether or not each of us individually actually considers ourselves an “outdoors person.”

Every time research is done on the subject, it is revealed that people who spend more of their time in natural settings – and even people who just live closer to natural settings – enjoy better health, better emotional states, and generally superior fitness levels, too.

In at least one study, it was even found that people in hospital rooms recovered faster if they had a view of a tree from their window.

These days, a lot of us are city-based, and don’t find as much opportunity as we should to get outside into nature.

Here are a few ways to get more quality time in the great outdoors.

Get a four-wheel-drive vehicle, and go on some leisurely drives in the countryside

You don’t even need to walk around natural environments on foot, in order to improve your overall well-being via contact with nature. Of course, hiking in natural settings is extremely powerful and positive, but as mentioned in the hospital example, even just being around nature is good for you.

One way of getting into the great outdoors more often, is simply to get your hands on a 4×4 suspension vehicle, and to go on some leisurely drives in the countryside, preferably along rough and wild tracks.

If you’re not yet fully accustomed to the outdoors life, you can take your favourite playlist with you, and enjoy the drive as a way of listening to music and seeing some great scenery, too.

By the same token, you can also listen to uplifting audiobooks and podcasts while cruising around natural settings and environments.

Get some friends or relatives together, and go on an extended social camping trip

Camping isn’t just something we do in order to test our resilience, and see how long we can go without microwaved food, and widescreen TVs.

It’s something we do because it feels good, too.

Research has actually found that a few days spent camping in a low-tech context, can completely cure insomnia in many cases, and leads to significant overall mood improvements.

Get some friends or relatives together, and go on an extended social camping trip – one where you make it clear that the point is to go more or less “tech-free.”

You’re likely to not only benefit from spending some time living in the great outdoors, but also from having some meaningful, face-to-face interactions with the people you care about, without your gadgets in the way.

Take up gardening

Okay, so gardening doesn’t exactly put you in the “great outdoors” in the commonly understood sense of being out in the “wild.”

If you have access to a garden, or allotment, however, that is essentially your own little slice of the “great outdoors,” and you can achieve many great benefits from tending the land, pulling up weeds, and making things grow.

Not only will the fresh air and physical activity be good for you, but you’re also likely to feel extremely fulfilled and accomplished when you get to see the seeds you have planted bearing fruit (or vegetables, or flowers.)

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