3 Ways to Make Your Family RV Feel Like Home

Does your family RV feel like home?

There are many different types of vacation you may wish to take year after year. For some, however, life on the open road and the freedom that is associated with a road, camping or caravan trip is really the thing to beat. Not only that, but after the initial investment, partaking in this kind of vacation is an excellent, convenient, and cheap measure of taking your holidays. Of course, the ultimate and logical conclusion of this kind of vacation is achieved when investing in an excellent RV.

But for some, an RV is a big investment that may seem overwhelming due to the amount of choice you are offered. Not only that, but the unique interiors found in RV to RV can actually leave you questioning what is right for your family. You’re sure to make the right decision, and in spite of the decision you make, you can always make an RV feel as comfortable and homely as possible as you head on your great driven expeditions. Let us help you find your best possible experience:

Decorate to Make Your Family RV Feel Like Home


Of course, decorating your RV is an obvious solution, and because you will usually be expected to drive on straight and open roads, you needn’t have to hold everything down past perhaps a little careful application and a little blu-tack. Ornaments are usually fine, but perhaps an open-topped goldfish bowl is not the best idea. 

That being said, decorating an RV is usually the idea that many people will have, so what does it mean to you, and how can you best utilize this? Well, to make things more personal, it can be that purchasing souvenirs from your travels and theming this space as a cartographers or explorers hub could help you feel both comforted, and also inspired whenever you are within this space. This is the major difference between your RV and home of course, is that you can drive one anywhere. This way, you add a slowly growing and personal vibe to your environment.

Cover Yourself

Just like at home, you can feel truly on edge when your RV is not functioning properly, or when a fault develops. This can be even worse when on the road, because this environment is the only place you can truly call home. Even a broken door lock can be a cause for concern, because it throws out the security of your home and leaves you feeling quite anxious. To this end, P&D’s mobile RV service can help you stay covered, as their excellent servicing and repair options come to you rather than taking away your vehicle for a number of weeks. This is truly the best means of securing peace of mind.

Home Comforts

While certain luxuries such as candles may be a bad idea in such a small space, home comforts such as pillows, blankets, throws, scented sticks and small rugs can help you provide a much more comfortable home experience. If you find that your mattresses are too stiff, having them replaced with memory foam options can help for a much better night sleep. Ensuring that the cabins are equipped with ear plugs can help your family avoid a restless night if you happen to be a heavy snorer. It’s the little things that count.

With this advice, you’re sure to make your family RV feel like a home from home, because if this isn’t it, what is?


  1. We visit Tennessee often. We don’t have a camper we just stay in a hotel.

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