3 Ways You Can Turn Fruit Into A Dessert

Your kids are always clamoring for something sweet to eat after dinner. They want chocolate, they want candy, but you know that they shouldn’t eat these things all the time. Instead, you can create some slightly healthier desserts that are packed full of fruit. Today, we’re going to look at three different ways you can take some juicy pieces of fruit and turn them into sweet treats. Let’s read on to find out more!

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Discover three ways you can turn fruit into a dessert:

A strawberry cake roll is one way to learn how to turn fruit into a dessert!

Chocolate-covered strawberries

An instant classic that’s quick to make and provides you with lots of sweet treats for after dinner. Chocolate-covered strawberries are made by melting down some chocolate in a bowl – use whatever technique you find the easiest. Also, choose whatever type of chocolate you want; dark chocolate is slightly healthier, milk chocolate is a good middle-ground, and then white is a bit sweeter. 

When the chocolate has melted and cooled a bit, dip your strawberries in the mixture. You can choose to coat the whole berry or just half. Then, pop your coated strawbs in the freezer until the chocolate firms up, and then transfer to the fridge. Now, your kids can help themselves after dinner!


Tanghuly is a Chinese street food that’s eaten throughout the winter season over there. Essentially, it is candy-coated fruit. You coat your fruit in a sort of candied substance that solidifies and goes really crunchy. Think toffee apples, but not as sticky. The process can sometimes be tricky, but you can find an easy tanghulu recipe online to follow. 

They’ve become something of an online trend as of late, largely thanks to the crunchy sounds made when you bite into them. As the image below shows, you can use loads of different fruits to make tanghulu treats. Again, strawberries are popular, but grapes and raspberries are also great choices.

Banana and custard

Another effortlessly simple idea that gives your kids a treat while ensuring they eat one of their five a day. Banana and custard is very easy to make; slice up some banana and pour over a bit of custard. The custard can be hot or cold depending on what your kids prefer. If you want to take things a step further, crumble in some cookies as well. This gives in an almost banoffee pie feeling, only without loads of sugar and condensed milk. 

It’s one of those treats that’s so easy to make in the evening after dinner. It will satisfy their cravings for something sweet, but it also packs them full of fruit

All of these ideas are great for instances when you don’t want to give your kid a ‘proper’ dessert. However, you could also turn some classic desserts into more fruity versions if you want. Check out this recipe for a cream cheese-filled strawberry cake that is absolutely delicious and packed full of fruit. Apple pies and crumbles are also good options to add more fruit to classic desserts

I always think, if you are going to have a dessert, you may as well use this as an excuse to add some extra fruit into your diet!

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