3 Yard Improvements That Make Your Home Summer Worthy

Can a few yard improvements really make your home summer worthy?

You only need to open the fridge to guess the season. In winter, there are always turkey leftovers and a creamy pie. In summer, it’s a colorful collection of watermelon, grapefruit, berries, fresh cucumber-flavored water, and pearly white mozzarella. Your freezer is a paradise for the taste buds, with exotic sorbets, healthy smoothie packs, and the unmissable vanilla ice cream that serves as the main ingredient of your summer milkshakes. Ah, summer, what a delicious season for the gourmets! 

Unfortunately, the rest of your home may not feel as seasonal as your fridge. Summer is a season for outdoor gatherings. Now’s the best time to be outside and rank up your vitamin D in the sun. Except that the scorching heat might have rendered your garden dull and lifeless. How can you make your backyard feel like summertime without the bother of maintaining the lawn in the heat? Answer: You replace the grass with more exciting alternatives!

Fire Pit on Deck for Yard Imrpovements

#1. Can it really be summer without a pool?

Pools have always been an essential part of the family home. However, the housing market decline has got homeowners considering their home investments carefully. Repairs and remodels have priority over the addition of a pool. Nevertheless, a pool remains a profitable investment for many families.

Indeed, while realtors don’t recommend adding a pool prior to putting your property on the market, pools serve another purpose. They make your home more enjoyable and personal, meaning that as a homeowner, you’re less likely to consider moving out. Besides, using new edge maintenance technology makes your pool not only safer and easier to manage but also cost-effective in the long term.

Just close your eyes and imagine spending an afternoon in the pool with your kids. Doesn’t it sound fantastically refreshing by this scorching weather? Pools make for great yard improvements!

#2. Tame the bad lawn once and for all

Summer comes and destroys your dream of a lush garden, drying out your lawn and revealing the uneven landscape underneath. What’s the point of fighting nature when you can’t win? If your summer garden tends to look desolate despite your best efforts, you could consider hiding it underneath elegant garden decking. Bye-bye uneven terrain and brown grass! A decking project is the perfect starting point for an enthusiastic DIY-er; using RMFP timber and your beloved Bosch electric jigsaw, you can create fantastic results. You can hire a contractor to get a little guidance with these yard improvements! 

#3. Everybody loves a BBQ party

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, everybody loves a good BBQ party. Summer is the only season where it’s perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to cook their food, which as a host makes the organization a lot smoother!

You don’t need to put the alarm clock early to start cooking before your guests arrive; the best part of a BBQ party is to prepare the food and grill it together. Building a brick barbecue in your garden is a fun and friendly alternative to lawn maintenance. If you fancy something a little more convivial, you can also consider making a fire pit that will be the highlight of your garden every night of the year. Grilled marshmallows, anyone? 

Check out this guide from Re/Max Alliance of Boulder to discover how to build and enjoy a fire pit in your own backyard!

Nobody forces you to stick to the cliché of the green and lush garden. If lawn maintenance and gardening aren’t your thing, there are plenty of smart alternatives that will turn your yard into the best room in your home! Whether you’re a pool lover or a BBQ addict, there is something for everyone.

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