4 Additional Income Streams For Your Farm

Running a farm and selling grains, meat and flowers to local businesses is a good way to earn some money. Farmers are up with the sunrise and care for their land and animals well, but it isn’t the only way to earn some cash from the farm. When you are running your own farm, you can quickly see the merit in opening up different revenue streams so that you’re not just relying on your grains to sell. You’re not just relying on the price the butcher will give you for the meat that you slaughter.

It makes sense to have more than one thing that your farm is good at doing, and when you really want to diversify how you run your farm, you can think about how else you can bring money in. You don’t have to be a big player in farming to bring in the big bucks. All it takes is a little forward thinking, and you could be earning more than you thought possible simply by opening up other avenues for your farming business. Here are four ways that you could broaden your horizons and open your farm to a little more income:

4 Additional Income Streams For Your Farm


Many farms sell their products in a market on site, from freshly churned butter from the cows in the field to strawberry jam made by the plants grown on the land. You could choose to gain some supplier quotations to allow you to sell other products such as sunflower oil in your market store. This could then broaden your customer base as you’ll be able to provide more to those visiting your shop and will pay you back in dividends.

Selling To Chefs.

In your village, the chefs at the local restaurants and pubs will be marveling over fresh produce and meat. If you are able to, approach them with a proposition of identifying what they are in need of and supplying to them directly. You could do this from new meats to new vegetables that will be cheaper for them to bring in from elsewhere, while giving you a new revenue stream.

Craft Items.

Your market shop doesn’t just have to sell food and cotton, you know. You could sell some things that can be used for crafts for local schools and craft clubs, such as lavender that is dried, and gourds for birdhouses.

Farm To Table Dinners.

Engage local businesses with farm to table dinners to impress them with what you are doing at the farm. You can attract new customers, get new recommendations and impress people with the quality of what you are growing and raising. There are rules surrounding farm to table dinners, so make sure that you read up on the laws and you will be plain sailing.

A farm doesn’t just have to have a meat or wheat income. There is so much that could be done with the products and the land; you just have to figure out what you value the most.

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