4 Bonding Activities For Your Family to Try This Winter

With the cold weather and more time spent at home these days, there are plenty of activities to do with your family. It’s important to stay active both physically and mentally during the winter months. Here are four bonding activities you can try out with your family that will get everyone moving as well as involve loads of fun!

Engage Your Family’s Artistic Side With a Craft

There are several crafts that you and your family can do together. Set up your speaker with your family’s favorite tunes, cover a table with newspaper for protection, and get out some craft supplies. One craft that would be fun for the family to try is painting shoes or tote bags. You can find plain, white style sneakers as well as plain tote bags in a variety of colors very cheaply in-store or online for every member of your family. Be sure you have fabric markers, acrylic paint, sharpies, glitter, and perhaps some small, fake flowers, too. Did you know that 37% of purchased flowers are mostly for Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day gifts? Aside from utilizing flowers as a gift during holidays, they are a great addition to a craft. Once you have purchased fake flowers as well as the other necessary supplies, you are ready to get started.

Painting and decorating is a fun activity for everyone in the family. Everyone can choose a design they love, whether it be camouflage, bubblegum pink with glitter, bright orange with white flowers, or even watercolor. Sharpies and fabric markers also allow for more intricate designs. Designing a tote bag is also a fun craft. Whichever is chosen, this craft will actually be worn or utilized, making it all the more fun! Whether your family is full of artists or not, it’s a fun way to spend time together bonding as a family while chatting, listening to music, and thinking about and executing a chosen design.

Sing Your Hearts Out During a Family Karaoke Night

Has your family ever tried karaoke? Despite age, many people enjoy singing their favorite songs with people they love. About 50% of cell phone owners use the device as their primary internet source, so utilize either your cell phone or a laptop to find free karaoke songs on the internet. There are plenty available that the entire family will love. You can hook up your cell phone or laptop to your TV, too. If you have a microphone, that’ll make karaoke night even more fun. If you don’t have a microphone, consider purchasing one, or use another object in the home to pretend.

Get out some snacks and get comfy. Singing a song can be done singularly, in doubles, or as a family. Take turns singing your favorite songs, munch on some snacks, and laugh and enjoy time with your family. Nights like these will be remembered for years to come, and it’ll surely cause some laughs, too.

Practice Yoga as a Family

Whether you or someone else in your family practices yoga, it may be an activity to introduce to the entire family. Your partner or kids may hesitate to try it, but explain that yoga is a great way to practice mindfulness, get in a small workout, and de-stress. It’s a great way to get moving as a family. Set up mats on your living room floor, find a video on your TV, or hook up your laptop to play a video, and have your family members dress in comfortable clothes that give them room to stretch and move.

As a family, practice yoga. It may feel weird that your home is quiet at first, but it may be a great way to ensure that everyone in the family gets time to de-stress and enjoy some comfortable silence in your home for a short time. Try a beginner’s video that explains how yoga works and why it’s useful to the body and mind. Young kids may love it or hate it. Urge everyone to get excited and try it just once. Who knows – maybe this will become a daily family activity this winter!

Embark on a Home Improvement or Maintenance Project

Have you been putting off a home improvement or home maintenance project? If money’s tight this winter, you may consider having your family work together on a small project in your home. If you’re trying to decide, keep in mind that, typically, homeowners spend more on home improvement projects than home maintenance projects. For every $1 spent on home maintenance, homeowners spend an average of $5 on home improvements, so choose your project wisely and stay within your budget.

Perhaps you’d like to fix up your basement but would like to stay on a budget. Home maintenance on your basement may include deep cleaning the room, repainting the walls, adding some fun decorations, and reorganizing your kids’ toys. Maybe some new shelving would be helpful. These aspects can be done rather cheaply. If you and your partner are handy, you can make shelves yourselves. Maybe you’d rather buy cubby-style means of storage, which can certainly be bought at a fair price.

This project is a great way for your family to work together, especially if your basement is a space for your kids to play. Give your kids tasks while cleaning, and have them organize their toys into storage bins or new cubbies. Painting the walls can also be a job the family can tackle together. You can find cheap decorations at home goods stores, such as cute quotes or paintings, or you can have your kids paint on canvases and hang those up, too. Amping up your basement is a great way to get a project done and spend time as a family.

Family bonding is important. Not only does it bring your family closer and allow everyone to enjoy each other’s company, but any project or activity you do together will be remembered by you, your partner, and your children. Use these ideas to get you started, and perhaps you’ll find yourself thinking of more activities or projects that your entire family can do together in the future.

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