4 Innovations In Technology For Rural Farmers

Farming is a tough industry, and if you are lucky enough to own a rural farm with a cottage attached, you are onto a winner. There is a profit to be made in farming, and as agricultural production has tripled in the last few decades, there is a growing need for better farming production. There are challenges in feeding a growing population, and this is where innovations in farming technology have exploded into the industry.

Every single industry – not just farming – is benefiting from technology at the moment. Septic tanks are changing in their development to be more efficient and effective, and as smallholder farms are seeing huge raises in productivity. The farming innovations that are making a difference to farmers all over are becoming more popular, so which ones are making that difference?

Farming Innovations

  • Mobile Apps. Believe it or not, your smartphone can be your aide in diagnosing any livestock on your farm with illness and can find the right drugs for them. There are some brilliant apps out there, such as Farming Instructor, which can help rural farmers with agricultural information both online and offline. All you need to do is ensure you get a good internet connection on your farm!
  • Dairy Hubs. So many farmers are finding such relief in this particular innovation, as they can be linked to dairy processors. This cuts costs and money can be fed back into the local community, which helps them to gain better education and healthier animals in the long run. The knock-on effect is that affordable milk is being produced safely.
  • Farm Management Software. Adequate training for farm hands and their workers is so important, especially when it includes pest management and the development of healthy crops. The new software can calculate the milking systems and good food rations for animals, which can help the farm improve overall. Teaching farm workers to provide animals with the right shelter and food troughs can increase the milk yield and improve the sustainability in the farm.
  • Fertilizer Deep Placement (FDP). Normally, traditional rural farmers spread fertilizer to their crops by hand. This is not going to be easy to do on large lands and FDP can distribute fertilizer far easier! It can be placed below the surface so that the crops are healthier.

Emerging technologies in farming can revolutionize the way that food on our tables is grown and consumed. In smallholder farms, innovations can connect smallholder farms to many different resources that weren’t previously available. A lot of the innovations we’ve listed above are already making huge improvements across different farming areas and the main issue in agriculture now is scaling those innovations in a much bigger way to create more profit and more production. Rural farmers are being challenged purely for how far away that they are from the rest of the country, so it’s the job of everyone to ensure that smallholder farms aren’t left behind in these innovations. Technology is benefiting every industry and farming cannot be forgotten!

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