4 Reasons to Eat More Strawberries

Discover four reasons why you should eat more strawberries! Not only are they healthy, but they’re super tasty! You might already be accustomed to grabbing a handful of strawberries as a snack, throwing them in your morning smoothie or enjoying a summer strawberry salad, but what you might know is just how healthy they are. Not only are strawberries low in fat and calories, but they have a lot of nutritional benefits. With just a cup of them a day, you can gain loads of vitamins and minerals.

Pre-washed strawberries in a colander to make them quick to grab so we'll eat more strawberries!

Here’s why you should eat more strawberries:

1. They Contain a Lot of Antioxidants

In terms of antioxidants, which can help fight bad cholesterol and carcinogens, strawberries are one of the best sources. There is a high level of concentrated antioxidants in strawberries, helping to make you a healthier individual overall. These antioxidants keep you from getting ill, can help reduce your risk for cancer, and avoid high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Have a cup of strawberries with your morning yogurt or simply grab a few when you’re looking for a healthy snack.

2. Strawberries Help to Burn Fat

If you have been trying to lose weight, you are probably turning to strawberries as a healthy, low-fat snack. Not only do they have this benefit, but they can actually help to burn some of your stored fat. This means not only do they help you lose weight, but can aid you in preventing weight gain when you enter maintenance mode with your weight loss journey. When you are on a diet, replace one of your side dishes at lunch with a cup of berries for a delicious and low-calorie snack.

3. You Can Improve Your Brain Function

Strawberries are also excellent at improving your brain function as you get older, which is why man doctors suggest them for seniors. This is also due to the antioxidants in the berry, which can help restore your memories, maintain your current level of fine motor skills, and help with your brain and nervous system. If you are at risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia, you should definitely be increasing your strawberry intake. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start preparing a breakfast smoothie each morning with yogurt, milk, ice, strawberries and other fruits. Other berries also contain antioxidants, while fruits like bananas and apples are also very good for you and make a good addition to the smoothie.

4. You Build a Stronger Immune System

Not only do the antioxidants in strawberries help you avoid illness and infections, but so does the vitamin C content. Vitamin C is known as an immune system booster, where it can help you stave off illnesses, viruses, and infections. You will notice that when strawberries start becoming a part of your regular diet, you don’t get the seasonal colds like you used to, you rarely get the flu, and you aren’t susceptible to cancer, heart disease, or infections.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy strawberries? Tell us below in the comments!

Strawberry Recipes

Note: Not all are healthy – but still delicious as a special treat!


Not only are strawberries low in fat and calories, but they have a lot of nutritional benefits. With just a cup of them a day, you can gain loads of vitamins and minerals.


  1. I love Strawberries….we have strawberry farms- or had them growing up where we went to pick strawberries….actually we grew them in the garden, and have a few plants still left in the garden this year! Yes, as a vegan I love me some strawberries! FYI- my dogs also love them some strawberries, so do the bunnies running through the garden! LOL! But the Whoopie Pies and frosting- not so healthy- right?!?!? LOL! Do I really need a reason to eat more fruits and veggie?!?!?!?!? LOL!

  2. Unfortunally I don’t like Strawberries but I might need to try them again if they can help with Weight Loss. As for my husband he would eat them all day and in way you was to give them to him. But like me Charlie also, doesn’t eat Strawberries.

  3. Love me some strawberries!! Had a WONDERFUL spinach, strawberry and candied almond salad this weekend. It was fabulous!!

  4. Strawberries are some of my favorite summer fruit. I like to put them in my chia pudding.

  5. I think I could seriously live on strawberries – when they are fresh & in season (not those icky things I see in the grocery store during winter). I usually go across the border into Canada and pick pounds and bring them home, flash freeze them and ta-da a winter supply! My husband says there is nothing like a fresh strawberry pie and I have to agree.

  6. We love strawberries.. and last week, my dd made me a mango cake topped with strawberries and I think that is a new favorite way to eat them (not healthy, but yummmm)

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