4 Simple Ways to Have a Greener Home

Are you looking for simple ways to have a greener home? Hearing warnings about climate change can be something that is hard to take, but it is so important, now more than ever, that we think about the steps that we take to do our part for the planet. While governments and big businesses need to do their part, there are small things that we can do in our own homes to make an effort and be part of the change. Our homes are places where we spend a lot of time, so making changes to things such as how much water we use to the amount of energy that you use can have a big impact. 

You can save energy and save money when you take steps to have a greener home, as well as having a positive impact on the planet. Don’t think you have to be a homeowner either; there are plenty of things that we can all do, renting or not.

Making smart choices like sustainable silverware for a greener home

Insulate your home

When you make your home more energy-efficient, then it will trap in heat, meaning that you need less energy to keep the home warm. This will mean that you can cut the cost of your heating bills, and use up less fuel for the heating. You can insulate your home in a number of ways, from getting wall insulation or insulation in the loft, to insulating the basement or getting thermal wallpaper. You can also get quick fixes like draft excluders to block cold air from coming in through doorways, for example. It will make a big difference to your heating bills in winter, but help to keep you cool in the summer too.

Choose a greener source of energy

The energy that we use in the home costs us money, but it can also come at a cost to the environment, depending on what energy source that we have. A lot of homes, depending on their location, are choosing to have solar panels installed as a way to use solar energy for all of the home’s energy needs. This is a natural resource that won’t run out, unlike fossil fuels. 

If that won’t work where you are, or they’re just too costly for you, then a cleaner and more affordable alternative to oil to heat the home with is propane. Using propane heat is a big selling point when you are looking to heat your home. If you look up residential propane companies near me, you will see that it is cheaper than electricity, as well as more efficient than gas, so it could be an alternative to think about if you want a cleaner and more natural energy source.  

Buy less stuff

The things that are in our homes, from furniture to clothing, all take a toll on the environment to be made. They will use up resources to be made, from trees to water, so it is important to think again before getting new things for the home, especially if you are trying to be more green. There are times when we will need more things, such as a new bed when one is broken and new shoes when children grow out of them. Where possible, look to source second hand items first, or at least look for companies to buy from that are sustainable, such as planting trees for every tree that they cut down. 

Buying items that are built to last, rather than just items that will need to be replaced in a few months time, will also help to decrease your personal impact on the environment (and save you money too). You could also learn some simple ways to repair items, to give them a little more life, rather than just throwing them out immediately after they get a hole in or break slightly. 

Be smart around the home

It is wise to only use what you need if you’re making more of an effort to have a green home. You could look to adapt your heating schedule to fit in with your life, which is why having a smart device for your heating can help. When you can program your heating to come on as soon as you step in the door and so that through your smartphone, rather than a traditional thermostat, it will give you much more control over your heating controls and mean heating isn’t wasted when you’re not in but have forgotten to switch it off.

Simple things that can mean a big difference not only to your home and your spending, but to the environment too. 

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