4 Things to Teach Your Child About Hygiene

As our children come out of diapers and start potty training they begin to learn how to take care of themselves. Bath time becomes showers and privacy becomes something that needs to be respected. Before your child goes off to take care of their own hygiene, there are a few things you can teach them about taking care of themselves properly in order to stay clean and stay healthy. Here are four things you can teach your child about maintaining good hygiene. 

Child washing hands under running water for good hygiene

Shower Every Day for Good Hygiene

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same time everyday, and it doesn’t always have to be a shower, but your child must learn that they need to bathe every day for good hygiene practices. After using the bathroom, there are not only the chances of odors, but there is also the chance that your child doesn’t remain 100% clean.

You can teach your child how to properly care for themselves after using the bathroom, but hygiene goes much further than that. Every day your child needs to bathe under their arms, in their private areas, and all over in order to maintain healthy skin and kill germs. 

Clean Your Ears

Children need to learn that the cleanliness of their ears is a very important step with hygiene. Using cotton swabs daily to clean dirt out of their ears must be done in order to prevent their ears and hearing from getting damaged. The most sound advice on ear cleaning is that ear wax must be removed from your ears in order to prevent other forms of dirt or oil or grease from getting in our ears.

When your child is playing in the dirt or sweating from sports, their ears are gathering up all of that pollution and it is getting caught inside of their ears. 

Brush Your Teeth

Oral health is super important for your child to learn. Teach your child that they must brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss. When your child wakes up in the morning their mouths are full of germs from sleeping overnight. Their teeth must be brushed then. Before bed, their mouths are filled with germs from talking and eating all day. Flossing helps get between teeth and get rid of any food or bacteria that may be building up, and flossing also promotes good gum health

What many people fail to realize is that germs in your mouth can get swallowed making you sick. The more you keep your mouth free of toxins, the less likely you are to get sick. 

Wash Your Hands

Your child touches everything. From toys, to bugs, to the toilet handle, your child’s hands are filled with germs. They will most likely never wash their hands after using the bathroom or before eating, unless you teach them. 

Make sure your child gets in the habit of keeping their hands clean so they will not pass germs along or pick up any germs when they touch their faces or their food. Clean hands mean no more germs. 

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