4 Tips For a More Energetic Morning

Would you describe yourself as a “morning person?” As someone who jumps out of bed most morning with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and a clear sense of purpose and direction?

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If you are, then good for you. The unfortunate fact of the matter for many people is that mornings are something more like an exhausting ordeal, where getting the momentum going to properly start the day can be absolutely exhausting, and where “energy” seems pretty hard to come by.

Nonetheless, even if you find yourself feeling this way as a general rule, it’s important to realise that there are in fact things that you can do in order to be more energetic in the mornings, and even to actively take steps to move from being a “night owl” into morning of a “morning lark.”

Here are just a few tips for a more energetic morning, that may substantially improve the early hours of each day for you.

Maintain a regular sleep and wake routine for an energetic morning

First things first: the body’s circadian rhythm has to be respected if you want to feel well-rested at all, and it definitely needs to be respected if you want to have consistent and stable energy in the mornings.

The circadian rhythm is the internal sense of time — it’s the cycle of day and night that your body uses in order to know when to be sleepy and when to be energetic among other things.

And, importantly, a consistent routine is extremely important in keeping the circadian rhythm in proper harmony.

If you — like so many people — wake up and go to sleep at varying times throughout the week, your circadian rhythm will likely always be a bit out of sync, and you’ll essentially be replicating jet lag for yourself on a regular basis.

By going to sleep at the same time each night, and waking up at the same time each morning, your circadian rhythm will become properly established and you will not only tend to sleep significantly better, but will also tend to be significantly more energised in the mornings.

Another important point about circadian rhythms: limit bright light — especially blue light — in the evenings, and make sure to get plenty of it in the mornings, to keep your circadian rhythm properly set.

Have some form of external motivation to get you out of bed first thing in the morning

Most people find it easier to get up in the morning when there’s something they’re really looking forward to on the one hand, or something that they really need to do, on the other hand.

Think about kids jumping out of bed on Christmas morning for example. Or adults jumping out of bed when they realise that they’ve slept through a few alarms and might be late for work.

Obviously, the Christmas Day example is more uplifting — but in either case, your mornings will likely be more energetic when you have some form of external motivation to get you out of bed quickly.

Eat smaller meals more often, throughout the day

Eating a huge breakfast — or for that matter, skipping breakfast altogether — can cause your energy levels to be quite unstable and to fluctuate quite significantly.

Digesting a big meal takes a lot of energy, and causes a cascade of hormones that often causes undesirable effects such as fatigue and blood sugar swings. At the same time, skipping meals and waiting too long between meals can cause energy and mood issues too, as your body releases stress hormones such as cortisol to “free up” stored energy — while your blood sugar again potentially becomes unstable.

Eating smaller meals more often, throughout the day — and never eating to the point where you feel really full at any one sitting — is something that a lot of people find helpful for boosting their energy levels as a whole. 

Of course, having a tasty and healthy caffeinated beverage to enjoy at the right times, such as Matcha green tea, can also certainly help.

Jump start your morning with some physical movement and energetic music

As much as you may not really feel like doing physical exercise of any sort right after getting out of bed, jump starting your day with some physical movement and energetic music is one of the best ways of getting your blood flowing and of elevating your energy levels. This by no means has to involve an actual workout. A few jumping jacks, dancing in the kitchen, or even just pacing around the garden with a mug of coffee, can all be effective.

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