4 Topics Your Young Adult Needs to Understand Before Moving Out

If your young adult is planning to soon move into an apartment of their own, they may be in need of some helpful information. You may need to supply some pointers so your child can successfully “adult.” Here are a few tips to get you started.

Taking Care of Their Car

First and foremost, your young adult will likely be driving a car of their own once they move out. Cars are reliable forms of transportation — but only if you take proper care of them. Does your child know what to do in the case of an emergency or a car accident? Do they have reliable contacts to call if they needed help? Consider sitting down and having a conversation about car safety (like avoiding highway hypnosis) and proper emergency contacts. If your child is going to move far away from you, they need to know what to do they don’t know many people in their new area or community yet.

Secondly, proper maintenance of one’s car should be a top priority. Getting your car registered and insured, filling up the gas tank when it’s low, receiving yearly check-ups and oil changes, and being sure the car’s tires have the proper air pressure is essential for a car to run smoothly and reliably. Additionally, your young adult needs to know what to do if they need maintenance or repairs done to their car. Are they aware of what to look for? For example, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a helpful technique for fixing dents in a car after a hailstorm or fender-bender. When done properly, PDR can take up to two hours, while typical dent repair can take much longer and cost a lot more. Go over how your young adult should go about seeking help maintaining and repairing their car where they will be living next.

Maintaining Healthy Routines

Another aspect of adulthood and living without one’s parents is understanding how to properly take care of yourself. With reminders from parents to do your laundry, wash your dishes, exercise, do your homework, and more, some young adults may have a harder time adjusting to life without mom and dad around. How can you help your child establish healthy routines?

First, subtlety go over daily tasks they’ll have to complete. These may include laundry, meal preparation, cleaning the kitchen, checking their bank account, running errands, taking care of a pet, making their bed, and getting the proper amount of sleep. It’s important to take care of yourself in each of these aspects because a person’s mental and physical health can take a serious toll if they’re not properly caring for their body, mind, and living space. Living in a mess and not getting enough sleep can be damaging. In fact, 35.3% of adults reported that they typically sleep for less than seven hours each night. Discuss the importance of checking the boxes for these kinds of important tasks with your young adult before they move out.

Using a Credit Card

Financial security is another important and often forgotten part of adulthood. Many young adults assume that paying rent, utilities, and credit card bills each month is enough. However, adult finances are much more than simply paying the bills and spending money on necessities and fun items to decorate an apartment or house with. Building a solid savings account and credit score are important aspects of financial security and independence as time goes on and your young adult looks to buy a home or lease a car down the road, as both of these tasks require excellent credit scores.

If your young adult doesn’t have one already, help them apply for their very first credit card. Explain how they work and how missing payments or only paying the minimum payments can put them into debt and financial insecurity. Before they move out, have them use their credit card to pay for car expenses, such as gas and oil changes, as well as fun items. Budgeting is another part of financial independence. Talk about the 50:20:30 rule, which essentially means to use 50% of one’s earnings on necessities, to put 20% in savings, and to use the additional 30% on “fun” purchases. This can be really helpful for a young adult who is learning how to live independently.

Understanding Home Safety

When your young adult moves out, they’ll likely be moving into an apartment, a condo, or a small house. They may be moving in with friends, a significant other, or by his or herself. Either way, your young adult needs to know how to properly care for their home, and this includes knowing what is unsafe and how to act efficiently in an emergency situation.

Throughout the nation, 85% of homes were built before 1980, and many are in need of home improvements and consistent upkeep. Your child may be moving into one of these older homes. This means that they need to understand how to communicate with their landlord to ensure their home is safe to live in, what features of a home may be unsafe, and when to call for help.

Your child’s independence, physical and mental health, financial stability, and safety are important. As your young adult prepares to leave the nest and move out on their own, keep these important conversations in mind.

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