4 Types of Delicious Indian Food You Should Try

While a lot of establishments are marked as Indian restaurants, many are not actually ‘Indian’ at all. In fact, a lot of these are curry houses and are owned by those from Bangladesh. On the other hand, genuine Indian restaurants serve Indian food that has been taken from the streets, homes, and palaces of India. This article aims to clarify what genuine and delicious food you can expect when visiting one of the authentic Indian restaurants. 

Indian Food

The Thali

The Thali is an elaborate meal that is eaten in homes all around India. It is a large platter consisting of several different dishes. The aim of the dish is to create a healthy balanced meal. Thus you can find everything from curry to raita and dal to vegetables. This is a great way to getting a taste for the vast array of flavours incorporated in Indian cooking. Not only this, but you will get a true feel of the culture as you will be eating a dish that is a true replica of what is eaten by the locals of India. 

Indian Grills 

Contrary to popular belief, Indian cooking is not all about curries and thick sauces. If you have had lab testing and have a sensitive stomach, you may think Indian food is not for you, but it’s not all about extra spice and thick sauce. An authentic Indian restaurant will incorporate a selection of Indian grills for you to choose from. They will use a selection of complex and intricate marinades to accompany the meat and / or vegetables on offer. 

Regional Curries

Of course curry does play a great role in Indian cuisine. Nevertheless, when looking for an authentic restaurant offering delicious curries, you need to ensure they are cooked via the proper methods. Spices should be sourced from India itself and no shortcuts should be taken. The restaurant should make the effort to follow the authentic Indian recipes no matter how complex they may be. After all, this is the only way to get the flawless and true flavor of the traditional dishes to come to the fore. 

Street Food

And last but not least, the true test as to whether a restaurant offers the real taste of India is if they provide Indian street food. The streets of India are where the vibrant, creative, and exciting array of diverse flavours is found. This includes the likes of Pau Bhaji, Dahi Puri, and Butter Chicken. There is an array of tangy and tantalising savouries for you to feast upon when walking the streets of India and this should be represented in the food on offer at the restaurant in question. 

When looking for Indian restaurants, you should look to see if the four points mentioned in this article are represented in the menus they provide. Curries should be cooked via traditional means, and there should be evidence of other regional dishes; incorporating the Thali, street food, and grills. This is how you will know if the Indian restaurant you are considering is an authentic one or not. 

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