4 Ways Everyone Can Use Raw Honey at Home

Most people think of honey as a sweetener for beverages and food; but it can do so much more than that! Aside from having a great taste, raw honey has numerous healing abilities and health benefits. It is not heated for usage and does not endure processing techniques. Check out four ways you can use honey in beneficial ways!

Bee - Raw Honey

Allergy Relief

It’s been noted though local folk knowledge and historical record that honey is a great remedy for allergies if you eat the honey that is produced in the area where you are having allergic reactions to pollen. Honey contains bee pollen, and in this form can help you to fight off infections and support immunity. You don’t want to use store-bought honey for this purpose due to the added sugars and other processed ingredients.

While not a cure-all for allergies, I do highly suggest speaking to your physician about using honey for yourself or your children. It is not safe nor recommended for under 12 months.

Great Antioxidant Source

Honey turns out to be an amazing source of antioxidants. You can try adding a spoonful or two to your coffee or tea in the morning and greatly influence your health and immune system. This is because raw honey increases the amount of polyphenols in your system, which are useful for fighting various types of disease. It also contains a chemical agent known as pinocembrin, which has the ability to signal cellular death called apoptosis in cancerous cells.

Sleep Aid

Honey is a very sweet substance, so who would have ever thought that it could help you get better rest? Apparently, scientists have discovered that honey can stock the liver’s glycogen reserve. This is important because some people wake up at night when their brain believes that its going to starve or have difficulty supporting processes that it needs to carry out, so it signals a desire to snack.

Honey can also help start the process that ends in the production of melatonin which also helps you to stay asleep. This is an important pieces of information because any disease have been linked to the lack of sleep, so honey can actually lower the risk of health issues like hypertension, heart disease and obesity.

Acne Relief

You’re probably laughing, but honey is great as an acne prevention and cleanser, and it’s cheaper than many of product that produce the same results. Not only that, but it more natural and can be used on all different types of skin, which is great news for people who have sensitive skin. You can even add things like baking soda or salt to it, so you can use honey as an exfoliator to help reduce dead skin and dirt buildup that can choke out hair follicles, clog pores and create a host of other issues.

How do you use honey?

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