5 Foods That Are Great for Your Teeth

When thinking about your diet’s benefits, you might be more focused on how it can help you lose a few pounds or maintain a healthy weight, boost your mood, or increase your energy. However, a good diet can also be great for your oral health as well, and it’s so important to maintain this to avoid horrible and painful dental problems. Below are a few examples of the best foods for your teeth.

Foods Great for Your Teeth:

Milk is one of the foods great for your teeth

1.    Dairy

Dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cheese are all rich in calcium which is one of the most important things your teeth need and will help you avoid tooth decay. The calcium and phosphate found in cheese will help to strengthen your tooth enamel which will help it fight against decay. It can also help reduce the acid levels in your mouth, which harms the enamel, drinking more milk. Yogurt has the same effect, but make sure you’re avoiding ones that high a lot of sugar, such as chocolate-flavored ones.

2.    Carrots

Carrots are packed full of vitamin C, which is great for your teeth and gums, and they also contain keratins and calcium, which boosts this vegetable’s dental benefits. When they’re juicy and crunchy, eating fresh carrots can help your mouth naturally clean itself by producing more saliva, which washes away bacteria and small food particles left in your mouth. Enjoying a variety of crunchy vegetables like celery and cucumber can help with this.

3.    Nuts

Nuts are another food source that will work wonders for your dental hygiene, but the best ones for this include almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews. They also contain a lot of calcium, particularly almonds, as well as phosphates that are great for your teeth. Cashews have also been found to encourage your mouth to produce more saliva, as well as being packed full of other nutrients like iron, vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium, to name but a few. You can have these as a mid-morning snack or find recipes that include them. Adding nuts to salads is also another way to add some crunch to them and enhance your plate’s flavors.

4.    Berries

Berries that are rich in vitamin C are also a good food to start eating more of, not to mention that they’re a delicious snack to enjoy, especially in the summer heat! Strawberries are one example of the kind of berry you should be eating, and they’re probably one of the most popular berries that the masses enjoy. Cranberries and raisins might not be as high in vitamin C, but they are considered great antioxidants and can help break down the plaque forming on your teeth.

5.    Whole Grains

While certain carbohydrates should be avoided, whole grains are good for your teeth and gums. Swap white bread and pasta for wholegrain options to reduce the number of sugars being produced in your mouth that the bacteria will thrive on. Not only will this be great for your teeth, but whole grains are ideal for heart-health as well.

Ensure your teeth are getting all the nutrients they need by introducing more of these foods into your diet.

Which foods do you need to add more of to your diet?

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