5 Must Have Apps for Your Car to Try Out!

Do you have apps for your car? We have apps for everything in life but these can prove to be some of the most useful on a regular basis!

Car lovers always jump at the chance to add a handy new gadget to their vehicles. Thanks to the smartphone, there are plenty of neat apps that you can download to make your driving life safer and easier too. Be sure to take advantage of these five, on your next driving expedition.

Apps for your car

1| GasBuddy

GasBuddy is an app that allows you to locate the gas station which has the cheapest prices in your area. The app also provides directions to get you there. We all know how frustrating it can be to pay over the odds for gas, especially when you’re in a rush and don’t have another alternative. With GasBuddy, you can relax a little without worrying so much about your gas consumption.

2| ParkMe

Forever getting frustrated about finding yourself a parking spot? Well, not anymore! ParkMe helps you to find the cheapest and nearest parking spots to save you time and stress both. You’ll be given the price beforehand so they’ll be no surprises when you get there. You can also reserve certain spaces and garages, to ensure that you don’t lose your space when you arrive. With over 500 cities included, Park Me has you covered no matter where you are.

3| Car Minder

Car minder is an app which helps you to track your car maintenance, here you can monitor fuel economy and repairs too. You can track your tire rotations, oil changes and more all from the screen of this handy app. With the fuel consumption feature, it’s simple to detect any potential problems early on. You can also log all repairs, services and fill-ups. Along with all this, Car Minder provides data about your recent and average mileage. When it’s time for your next car maintenance services, be sure to check out Auto Repair. They offer some top-notch wheel alignment services, brake repair and more.

4| FOBO Tire 

FOBO Tire is a smart tire pressure system, allowing you to keep track of your tire pressure on the go. The features include 24/7 monitoring; a simple tire sensor replacement; and a flat tire alert- when you are away from your vehicle. When your tire pressure is incorrect, this can be dangerous and affect the performance of your car. With FOBO Tire, you can ensure that you’ll never need to worry about your tire pressure again!

5| Witness Driving 

With the Witness Driving app, it’s simple to use your smartphone as a dashcam. Of course, no one wants to imagine getting into an accident, but in the unfortunate event, a dashcam is precisely what you’ll want. All you have to do is simply mount your phone and record when you are driving. The app records your position, speed and date and only saves the footage you need. To keep yourself safe in general, a car HUDS display can be useful to keep your eyes on the road while accessing features from your dash and smartphone.

Be sure to take all these nifty apps on your next road trip!

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