5 Pre-Driving Checks You Should Be Doing!

Are you performing pre-driving checks? Driving gets you to places you need to be on time, but it can also expose you to many health and financial risks such as accidents. Yearly, many accidents globally lead to about 1.24 million deaths. Apart from reckless driving, accidents can occur due to poor vehicle maintenance, tire failure, and mechanical failure. Instead of being complacent when there’s a lack of regular vehicle inspection, here are a series of essential checks you should perform before getting into your car.

Hand with a watch holding a steering wheel of a car after performing 5 pre-driving checks

Tire pressure checks

Tires are critical parts of the vehicle that can determine your safety while driving. Being the only part that comes into contact with the road, your tires go through a lot of wear that can jeopardize your safety. Check them regularly for deflation or deformity that can reduce their grip on the roads. During periods like the COVID-19 pandemic, when there’s less movement, your tires can experience ovalization and flat-spotting due to being stationary for a long time. Inflate your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and keep them up to date.


When your vehicle remains stationary for long periods, it consumes energy due to operational devices such as the anti-theft alarm. If you don’t run the engine in a long time, your battery could be dead the next time you want to travel. The battery is among the most delicate vehicle components that require maintenance. Before you get into your car, check your battery to jumpstart or recharge it and avoid problems on the road.

Dents and scratches

Regularly visited places such as malls have a lot of vehicles driving in and out. Dents and scratches on your car can happen fast when you leave your car parking and may miss them if you don’t check. Inspect your vehicle even though it’s been parking for a short while to take immediate action. You can consult a knowledgeable car accident lawyers if your car experiences damage in your absence.

Check vehicle fluids

Some of the vehicle fluids include brake fluids, coolant, and engine oil. For your vehicle to remain in top shape and run smoothly, check these fluids before you start driving. Ensure that these fluids, including the wiper fluid, are topped to avoid car breakdowns while driving. Another essential fluid to check is gas; checking its amount can save you from being stranded, especially when the gas station is far.

Vehicle cleanliness

Your vehicle’s cleanliness, though it’s among the things you may want to postpone, plays a part in your driving experience. Specs of dirt on your front and rear windshield can act as obscurities to movement and cause accidents or driving stress. When your car is dirty, it increases your discomfort when on the road. It also contributes to mental stress that is unhealthy while on the road. Do some light cleaning checks before you get into the car, aerate it to eliminate dust, and take it for thorough cleaning later.

The Bottom line on the Pre-Driving Checks

Your driving experience and safety start with you and your pre-driving checks. Apart from routine maintenance, simple checks before getting into your car can save you from breakdowns and accidents while driving. Maintain a clean vehicle, check the tires for pressure, top vehicle fluids, and recharge the battery. Check for body damage such as dents and scratches to enable you to act fast, and upgrade the brake pads when you visit your mechanic.

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