5 Professionals You Need to Enlist Before Starting a Company

You want to start a business, and you want to do it right the first time because you may only get one chance. You need to be the career type D — determined, disciplined, and dedicated. You also need to accept that you won’t do it alone. Here are five people you need to consult with before you open your business.

An Information Technology Professional

Nearly half of small businesses become the victim of cybercrimes. Most cannot afford a full-time information technology specialist, so their business remains at risk. Online, their website and its e-store create another venue for cyber-criminals. Internet crime can be defined as the use of the Internet to communicate false or fraudulent representations to consumers.

Hiring an IT consultant at the outset of your business planning sets up the business properly. This individual helps you conduct risk analysis, develop business procedures that mitigate or eliminate risk, and set up your equipment for proper use. This includes setting up anti-virus software, firewalls, and a virtual private network (VPN). They can also recommend professionals to design your website and e-store so that you have a secure site that protects customer data.

A Business Lawyer

Your business must follow federal, state, and local laws. You need to obtain proper permits and insurance. Commercial insurance provides a wide array of policy types. Some are legally required, such as commercial auto insurance. Your attorney will also guide you through the morass of your hiring procedures as well as payroll laws, which an accountant can also help with. The attorney weighs in on all business procedures and processes and provides integral input to your business plan. They author and file your establishing paperwork for partnerships, limited liability corporations, and/or corporations.

An Accountant

You need a certified public accountant (CPA) to help you establish payroll and hiring procedures that meet federal and state law. This individual will ensure that you understand proper hiring mechanisms, such as the difference between independent contractors and employees. They will help you develop the procedures for onboarding that relate to documenting your workers with the Internal Revenue Service. The CPA also contributes the knowledge of accounting procedures, setting up your books, and preparing and submitting your taxes annually.

An SEO Professional

About 1.8 billion websites operate at the same time every day globally. That’s a lot of web traffic, and your site needs to grab attention in the best way to beat the competition. You must provide SEO web copy that communicates the facts of your company and products in an entertaining but business-like manner. That’s where your SEO professional comes into the picture. This individual works with your web developer to create a quick loading, austere website that utilizes keywords related to your industry. They write the web copy, meta tags, cutlines, and alt text for photos and videos. Their keyword research results in the words the search engines will use to catalog and rank the site.

A Software Management Company

You need to make updating and upgrading your software simple. In the past 10 years, Field Service Management (FSM) software has significantly evolved; however, this market remains fragmented. You can easily obtain help in this area so you can maintain your software. Obtaining a managed services plan lets you avoid having to hire a full-time worker and keep your business safe. You need up-to-date software. A software management company can provide you with constantly updated software. You subscribe to a cloud program and only download the thin-client. All the updates occur in the cloud, and you rarely need to update the thin client.

Opening a business takes a lot of time and effort. While you put in the work on this long-term project, share the burden with these five individuals who can help you develop your business successfully.

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