5 Quarantine Activities for the Whole Family!


The coronavirus has put us all on lockdown and for those of us with children, this means spending a lot more quality time at home. Even with the biggest toy box in the world with so much time to fill, many of us are very quickly running out of ideas, so here are 5 quarantine activities to try with your little ones that mommy should enjoy too. 

Children Multicolored Hand Paint is one of many fun quarantine activities

Have a family makeover

Get out your pamper supplies and set up a mommy makeover complete with hand spa, makeup and outfit inspiration. Let your children run their own spa business and as the paying client, you get to receive a wonderful hand massage, manicure, and makeover. If you want to incorporate this activity as a part of your homeschooling then it’s a great chance to learn about money and counting as well as to help your children learn basic leadership skills. 

Bake something delicious for those in need

Baking is an activity we can all enjoy and at a time when so many people are in need, why not bake and donate your cakes to either front line workers, a care home or a neighbor in need. Once again this activity can make a great part of a homeschooling schedule and not only teaches your children valuable cookery life skills but the value of generosity and selflessness at a time of crisis too. 

Grab some seeds and get growing 

As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to get the garden in order and with a few extra helpers you’re well on your way. Grab some seeds and work together to sow a little vegetable garden, choose fast-growing varieties such as lettuce and cress to keep children intrigued and use the time to teach them about where food comes from and the lifecycle of a seed. In a few day’s time, shoots should start to appear and in a week or two, they can have their first yummy taste of homegrown produce. 

Create and write postcards for relatives

Get out the art supplies and let your creativity run free by creating a set of handmade postcards that can then be written and posted to relatives. You may not be able to visit them right now but they’ll love seeing the children’s creative work and will enjoy feeling close to you all while under quarantine. 

Create a family quiz

Last but not least, get together as quiz-masters and create a family quiz that everyone can take part in over Skype or video chat. Let your children help you to devise the questions and use the activity as a chance to learn about a number of different topics from animals, to film, history to geography. Later that evening, get everyone together online and test their knowledge with your questions, getting the children to help you keep track of the scores. A family quiz is a perfect chance to catch up with relatives that you’re unable to visit and to keep people company that may be isolated alone. 

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