5 Reasons Why Your Family Should Adopt a Dog

If your family has been considering adding a pet, there are numerous reasons for adopting a dog. Dogs make wonderful companion animals, although they can take quite a bit of work to get trained and incorporated into the family. This is well worth it, as they show everyone a great deal of love and affection. There are numerous reasons to adopt a dog.

Dogs Are In Need of Adoption

Once your family has made the decision to bring a dog into your home, it’s important that you adopt instead of purchase an animal from a pet store or a breeder. There are between six and eight million homeless animals placed into shelters every year in the United States, with every one of them in need of a loving home. If you’ve decided that you have room in your heart and family for a dog, visit a shelter near you to learn about the animals that they have available for adoption. You may be pleasantly surprised at how friendly and outgoing many of the dogs there are.

Dogs Provide Constant Companionship and Love

Dogs are an excellent source of companionship for everyone in your family. A dog needs to be walked regularly, wants to be played with, and will want to spend a great deal of its time with the members of your family. This unconditional love is extremely enjoyable, especially for younger members of your family or those who are more isolated.

Dogs Lessen Stress

Individuals who have a dog in the home typically experience less stress. The dog provides them with affection, companionship, exercise, and someone to take care of, reducing their overall stress. This can be especially useful for those who are experiencing a stressful event such as a job loss or breakup. Job seekers can spend an average of 11 hours a week job hunting, which is especially stressful if they are currently unemployed. A dog can help these individuals manage the stress that they are experiencing.

Dogs Provide Enhanced Safety At Home

A dog can be an important part of your home security system. The barking of a dog can provide an active deterrent against burglars and home invaders, helping to keep you and your home as safe as possible. Thieves are far less likely to break into a home when a dog is present, so your home’s security will be dramatically increased overall just by adding a pet.

Dog Ownership Teaches Kids Responsibility and Patience

Your children can learn a lot about life from having a dog. Owning a dog and caring for it helps to teach kids about responsibility, patience, and the importance of taking care of another living creature. These skills will come in handy throughout their life as they age and grow and learn other important new skills, like driving. For example, 1.25 million people die in road crashes every year, and another 20-50 million individuals are injured or permanently disabled. Patience and responsibility can be a key component in avoiding traffic accidents, as well as an important part of adjusting to life if your life is affected by a serious accident.

Adding a dog to your home can provide essential stress management and companionship while helping your family members learn about responsibility and patience. A dog becomes a member of the family, helping to keep the house and everyone in it safe throughout the day and protecting the home when you’re away. Adopting a dog from your local animal rescue agency helps ensure that it has a loving home and that you’re helping an animal live a happy, healthy life.

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