5 Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party

If you’re a foodie and cooking stimulates your creative side, you may be partial to organizing the occasional extravagant dinner party. Food, friends, music, and laughter; what’s not to love? However, how can you organize the perfect dinner party to be the hostess with the mostess?

Group of women toasting cups at an outdoor dinner party


If you enjoy the luxury of a large home with plenty of space and an outside area, then hosting the party from your house is the most convenient option. However, if your space is limited, you could ask around and see if some generous friends with larger spaces can offer their home as a base. Explain you’ll do everything else; you just need the kitchen.


It is important that you choose a time when work or school won’t create time constraints. Friday and Saturday nights are usually flexible, and you’ll likely get more people committing than mid-week. If you’re planning on a Friday night soiree, then don’t set the time too early. Most people will have been at work, and you need time to prepare food and make sure everything is in perfect order for your guests.

Guest List

If you are opting for an all-in-one meet-up with all your friends, then make a list of names and get invites out as soon as possible. The more notice that is given, the easier it is for people to make plans such as sorting child care or reorganizing work commitments.


Planning the menu should be the fun part, so choose food that demonstrates your culinary creativity without causing too much party day stress. Search through foodie magazines for impressive recipes that look great but are simple. You could stick to things you know but add something different to spice it up. Make sure you buy everything you need before the day to avoid wasting time going to the shop when you’re busy.

Prepare as much in advance as possible. If you are cooking a sauce for fish or chicken, cook it the day before and store it in the fridge, then on the day, you only need to heat it. Desserts are usually fine to prepare a few days before, so save some stress and get it done early.

On the day, you can chop vegetables and set out herbs, so they’re all at hand. If preparing drinks and staying on top of keeping your guest’s glasses filled up is just a step too far, you could search up eventbartenders.com to care of your bar needs. There are several packages available with professional bartenders to help keep your guests catered for throughout the evening.

House and décor

Another crucial job to get done and dusted before your guest’s arrival is the housework. Most hosts will want a clean and tidy home before allowing anyone over the threshold, so make sure you give yourself time to get your home spic and span before getting started on the meal process; you’ll thank yourself for being so organized and having one less thing to worry about. 

A nice touch for a dinner party is to decorate your table with pretty decorations such as fairy lights, candles, and fresh flowers. This creates a wonderful atmosphere that’s relaxed and inviting. Set the scene with some appropriate background music for the ultimate ambiance.

Above all else, having a dinner party with dear friends should be a fun and relaxed occasion. Enjoy providing for others, and remember to save a glass of wine to toast to a successful evening.

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