5 Upgrades For Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Discover five easy upgrades for your farmhouse kitchen that will make it more useful, comfortable, and aesthetically-pleasing!

modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern farmhouse kitchens are characterized by their comfortable vibes, rustic features, and industrial inspired accents. They are laced with sophistication that brings warmth to the kitchen and makes it look more inviting. When it comes to farmhouse styles, we’re talking a blend of cottage core, traditional, sophisticated and comfortable, that makes the kitchen drool worthy if done right!

With so much space and so many elements to experiment, farmhouse kitchens can either be a disaster or a display of complete elegance. To make sure that your farmhouse kitchen doesn’t fall in the former category, here are some tips for your farmhouse kitchen upgrade: 

1. Replace Cabinet Door Panels

One of the most popular features of farmhouse kitchens nowadays is a chicken wire on cabinet doors. That’s the most farmhouse vibe you can add to your kitchen cabinets. You can either do that at home or get it done professionally, either way it is a really easy job and brings a completely new look to your kitchen. All you need is some white chalk paint, chicken wire and a cabinet door installer. 

Another really popular feature is shaker style cabinets. They are trendy, modern, traditional, and never go out of style! They make a beautiful addition to farmhouse kitchens. The most important part of upgrading the cabinet doors will be the hinges. You can use overlay hinges to place the cabinet doors, and farmhouse kitchen cabinet installers like these are really easy to work with. 

2. Replace Light Fixtures

Another really important design upgrade that is a must have for your farmhouse kitchen is copper lighting fixtures! Copper accents come with a wide variety of decor styles and you can use copper lighting fixtures in any form, task lighting, accent lighting, or decorative lighting. Copper pendant lights above an island looks beautiful and vintage, everything that a farmhouse is all about. 

Farmhouse kitchens have always had a weak spot for industrial pendants. They are light and expensive and an easy addition to your kitchen to keep it modern and sophisticated!

3. Install a Coffee Station

You cannot speak cottage core and not have a coffee area set up in your kitchen. Farmhouse and cottage style kitchens are characterised by their traditional looks and comfortable charm. You can either get a coffee bar that comes built in with sinks, fridges and lighted shelves. But you can also make one of your own. Pick a corner of your kitchen and a wooden shelf to it. Install some hooks and hang coffee cups from it. You can decorate it by adding a sign, stamp mugs, tea towel, vintage milk jugs, or anything vintage and trendy! 

This is a really budget friendly upgrade and you do it by just reorganizing any part of your kitchen

4. Get Rid Of Outdated Hardware

It might not seem like a big thing but stuff like knobs and pulls can really change the way your cabinets and drawers look. A popular feature of farmhouse styles is shaker style pulls. Paired with shaker style cabinets, there is nothing more trendy you can do to your kitchen

Oiled bronze or metallic classic knobs are also a possible upgrade you can do to your kitchen. Classic knobs and pulls are a forever trending thing and will give a beautiful yet traditional look to your kitchen. Moreover, knocker pulls are really eye catching and beautiful if you’re going for a more country cottage kind of look! This is a really easy way to upgrade a rustic farmhouse kitchen to a new and modern one! 

5. Add Shelves

You absolutely cannot be looking to upgrade your kitchen without adding some open shelves to it. These are a really prominent part of modern farmhouse kitchens, and if you already do not have open shelves, it is about time you get some. They don’t only add a beautiful element to your farmhouse style but they also add a great amount of storage to the kitchen.

Open shelves are a great way to keep things organised and you can display your expensive China, wine glasses or just keep things handy for everyday use. Open shelves are really easy to install and you can also do it at home. Beautiful Cherry wood shelves are an excellent addition to any farmhouse kitchen and will absolutely change the way your kitchen looks!

If you’re looking for that dreamy, vintage, farmhouse kitchen, these are some of the ways you can upgrade yours and add some drama and aesthetic to it. You can also upgrade your metal ventilation hoods with wooden ones, add a Shiplap, wooden floors or decorative wooden braces to get some style and trendiness going on! 

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