5 Ways You Can Look After Your Ears


Discover five ways you can look after your ears! Once you damage your hearing, it’s gone for good. This is one of the reasons that having awareness about how to prevent some hearing loss, how vital early diagnosis it, and the options you have for actions to take. You shouldn’t wait too long to begin looking after your ears.

Look after your ears by using headphones

Use Ear Plugs Around Loud Noises 

Some hearing loss is noise-induced because of loud environments including leisure and work areas. Chainsaws, clubs, lawnmowers, work machinery, and any other noises that force you to shout are dangerous levels of sound. Using earplugs can help to minimize any damage caused by this. They are easy to source online and you can even find custom ones fitted to your ear. 

Turning The Volume Down 

If you use headphones, you are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss by using your audion devices unsafely. If you like to listen to your music through earbuds or headphones, you should try to follow the 60/60 to protect your ears. It’s recommended that you only listen to music through your headphones at no more than 60% volume for no longer than 60 minutes each day. This is even more important if you use earbuds as they fit right next to the eardrum. Remember that any music, not just music that is through headphones, has a risk if the volume is too high. Try not to have it that loud that you need to shout to hold a conversation. 

Give Them Time To Recover

If you’ve been exposed to loud noises across a prolonged period of time, such as at a bar or concert, make sure you give your ears time to recover. Try to take five minutes outside every so often. Researchers have found that you need around 16 hours of quiet time to recover from just one loud night out. 

Keep Your Ears Dry 

If excess moisture is left in the ear it can lead to bacteria and an attack on the ear canal. This causes swimmers’ ear and other types of infection. These can be detrimental and lead to hearing loss. Make sure you always gently towel-dry your ears after bathing or swimming. If it feels any water in your ear, tilt your head slightly to the side and tug on your ear lobe to coax the excess water out. 

Get Regular Checkups

Speak to your doctor and ask them to include hearing screenings into your routine health checkups. Hearing loss can often develop gradually, so you should learn more about how often you should be having hearing tests with a specialist hearing professional. This way you are more likely to notice any signs of hearing loss, and be able to take the action needed sooner rather than later. 

Taking action against hearing loss is important. If it goes untreated it can damage relationships, detract from your quality of life, leave you feeling down and it has also been linked to other health concerns like dementia and heart disease. 

These are five of the ways you can protect your ear health. Is there anything that you do to help look after your ears? Please share them in the comments below.

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