$500 CASH GIVEAWAY + 100 baby and kids prizes! 15 WINNERS!

We are giving away $500 and 100 baby and kids gifts! 15 winners!

The simple entry form is below but first…

Why the big party?

Over 150 brands and bloggers are helping to celebrate a cool, new baby product invention on Kicktarter RIGHT NOW called the Freezie Teethie!

It’s a trendy bandana bib with an organic, terry cloth attachment that parents wet, freeze, and then snap onto the bottom of the bib. Then babies can just flip up to safely chew on a hands-free, frozen teether (or they can hold the sides where it’s not cold).

The best part…IT INSTANTLY (and naturally) relieves teething pain AND it works wonders to calm fussy babies (they stop crying immediately!).

This is my son trying the prototype.

Message from the inventor, Tasha Mayberry, “As a mom I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…

for entering this giveaway and helping to support our Kickstarter project either by sharing it, pre-ordering/donating to the project, or both.

It’s been a year and a half of hard work – will you please help here even if it’s for $5 on Kickstarter?”

THIS IS NOT REQUIRED TO ENTER / WIN THE GIVEAWAY, but appreciated deeply as it truly take a village to successfully crowd-fund. Kudos to Tasha! We really love this idea.

How to Enter Giveaway:

Thank you for letting us share about our friend’s new baby product invention. Now let’s get to the good stuff on how to win $500 and other gifts

Please complete the simple form below and if you want a bigger chance to win, make sure to LIKE Freezie Teethie on Facebook and/or Follow on Instagram to see the new daily prize pack — if you like and/or comment on the daily prize posts, you get a bigger chance to win!

FIVE winners will be chosen from the likes and comments.

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  1. Rodaliz Dela Cruz

    Email address – rodalizcabillo8gmail.com
    Make me Lucky more power and God bless you all
    Great giveaway ❤❤❤
    Full support

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