6 Reasons Your Teen Should Consider a Career In the Medical Field

The medical field continues to grow by leaps and bounds for a number of reasons. Those who decide to pursue a career in the field often want to advance their family financially while helping other families cope with illnesses. While there are occupations in the medical field that require advanced degrees, there are other career options that call for little education and experience. In fact, some jobs in the medical field require no experience, with some employers willing to pay for the education needed to advance. Here are six reasons your teen should consider a career in the medical field.

Plenty of Position Options

Few industries can claim diversity like the medical field. There is an opportunity to pursue various practices even in the physician area, which many see as a one-track option. When it comes to becoming a doctor, one can become a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), which accounts for approximately 11% of the American physician population, an allergist, a dermatologist, a cardiologist, a family practitioner, and more.

You can diversify even if you do not have the time or resources to become a doctor. If going to medical school isn’t your teen’s gig, becoming a PA (Physician Assistant) or an NP (Nurse Practitioner) are excellent opportunities as well. Additionally, nurses have the option of specializing in certain areas and may even pursue bachelor’s degrees that set them apart from standard RNs. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) also have options, which include the choice to work in a traditional hospital setting or to pursue a career as a home care specialist.

You Can Help Others

You should not pursue a career in the medical field if you don’t care to help others. The hours are typically long and the work sometimes requires you to think outside the box to save lives. You cannot give your full energy if you only come to work for a paycheck.

On the other hand, those who get into the field because of their desire to help others may find their careers most rewarding. The medical field tends to shine favorably on those who take their work seriously and put in the time to care for patients.

Different Medical Settings to Work In

A 2016 survey shows 75% of urgent care patients reported their care as excellent or good, which means that most who visit these facilities are satisfied with their quality of care. You can choose to work in an urgent care setting or a traditional hospital where you are constantly challenged to bring your best effort even in dire circumstances. There is also the option of clinics when you work in the medical field.

Many individuals choose to work in clinics over hospitals because of the slower pace. The likelihood of a trauma patient entering through a clinic’s doors is minimal. Even so, the average clinical doctor will call for a transfer to the hospital if an individual’s condition is severe. You can ultimately choose to work in a setting that best suits your preferences when you choose a career in the medical field.

You’ll Stay On Your Toes

The medical field is a challenging industry that requires you to continue your education and always present excellence. One mistake could cost someone their life. This type of career is perfect for those who view perfection as a duty and not a fantasy. As a healthcare professional, be prepared for long shifts on your feet.

Challenge Yourself

There are 38,600 surgeons working in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of these doctors may have begun as entry-level employees and decided to go back to school. The medical field gives you the opportunity to challenge your learning potential to reach new heights that you perhaps thought were unattainable.

Vast Earning Potential

Those who say there is no money to gain in society have not looked into the medical field. Overtime pay combined with competitive wages makes your earning potential extraordinary.

If your teen is interested in a job that will challenge, excite, and warm their heart, the medical field may be the way to go. With so many job and setting options and great pay, your teen will be set up for success for years to come.

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