6 Things That Aren’t Money You Can Donate to Charity

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Charities are always on the lookout for help. We’ve all been approached in the street or had a letter come to our home about making a small donation every month to help others. Charities are crying out for support to keep going. But, we can’t all manage that. Sometimes a few dollars a month is the difference between staying in the black and slipping down into the red. It’s the spare cash that we save to take our own families out for treats, and we can’t manage without it. A few dollars might not sound a lot, but for a lot of struggling families, it’s the difference between coping and needing charity themselves.

But, it’s hard not to feel guilty. When we are sat surrounded by your family eating a home cooked meal seeing people on the news in dire situations. Most of us want to do what we can to help and feel guilty when we can’t. The good news is, it’s not just money that’s needed. There are plenty of other things that we can all donate right now.


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If there’s one thing that charities need to keep going, it’s the time of volunteers. Charity shops, community libraries, charitable foundations and services are shutting their doors every day because they just don’t have enough help. If you can spare a few hours every week, give it. You could help in an office or shop, on a phone line or out working in the community.


Charity shops make a lot of money off big-ticket items like sofas and bedroom furniture. These are the things that sell. By donating your old furniture when you buy new, you’ll be helping the charity and giving the less fortunate a chance to own nice furniture without a hefty price tag.


Blood donors are usually in short supply, especially the most needed groups. Donating blood takes a few minutes, and you’ll hardly feel it. You may feel dizzy for a few minutes afterwards, but you should feel normal by the time you get home. You can also donate hair, plasma and bone marrow.


If there’s one thing that charity shops sell a lot of, it’s clothes and many of us are guilty of throwing old items away, just because they no longer fit, or we haven’t worn them for a while. Instead, wash them, fold them up and take them over to your local charity store or donation bin.


Many of us nowadays have books in digital format on tablets and e-readers, meaning that we no longer need the hard copy. Instead of throwing them away, selling them or recycling them why not use the Habitat HM donate books service? Books are an easy thing to give that always sell well.


Do you have any skills that you think could be useful to a charity? Could you run an event or design some marketing materials? Are you good with computers? Could you manage a website or social media feed? Could you even set up an office of your own?


How do you donate to charity?

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