6 Ways To Keep Your Aging Parents Active And Positive


Do you have aging parents? Some children see their parents entering old age gradually. Others watch it happen quickly, almost overnight. However it happens, it is inevitable. And you have to find ways to deal with it. 

The trick here is to approach aging positively. You want to find ways to keep your parents active and engaged for as long as possible by supporting them and adjusting their lifestyles.

It can be challenging to get elderly parents to change the way that they live. But if you can introduce ideas to them subtly and slowly, they’ll often adopt them as if they are their own. 

Here several ways to keep your aging parents active and positive during their dotage. 

Take An Old Hobby And Repurpose It

Older man and woman holding each other and laughing show how aging parents can still enjoy life!

Okay, so your parents can’t go mountain biking or water skiing like they used to. That’s just the reality of getting older sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy related hobbies. What about spin classes on a fixed bike instead of riding over rough terrain? How about going for a swim at the local pool instead of water skiing at 70 mph? Both of these substitute activities are low impact, low danger, and a lot of fun. 

Hook Them Up To The Internet

Do your aging parents know how to use the internet? If not, then they need to learn. The worldwide web is a tool they can use to connect with other people in their community and remain social.

There are all kinds of online groups with keen interests from across the spectrum, including gardening, bird watching, and literature. Often these groups will organize social events in real life, based on a shared interest or hobby

This kind of activity is essential for older people for the social aspect. Research shows that people over the age of sixty-five who have active social relationships are much more likely to live longer than those who don’t. Being social reduces the level of stress they experience, which reduces the risk of all kinds of diseases of aging, including heart disease and stroke. 

Get Them Regular Support

Feeling supported in their independence is essential for many older people, especially if they live alone. According to https://careasone.com/ – a site that matches carers to agencies – having somebody else to help out can make a big difference. 

The role of carer is different from that of a friend. Yes, it’s about companionship, but it is also about providing specialist support to enable the person to thrive. Often, older adults can overcome obstacles that previously got in their way and live a longer and more pleasurable life if they have the right support. 

Host Regular Coffee Dates

A lot of older people have empty calendars. The days all seem to merge into one because there is so little to do. 

Sometimes they want to get out and do something different, but the transport just isn’t available to make it happen which is why https://betterhealthwhileaging.net says it is important to consider their location. 

As a child, you can help break them out of a rut by hosting regular coffee dates. You can step in at this point and take care of all the administration, picking up your parents from their homes and taking them to whichever coffee shop they want to go to. 

Sign Them Up For Healthy Ready Meals

Many older people can no longer cook for a variety of health reasons and wind up eating ready meals. Having something tasty and convenient in the freezer is often essential, but not particularly healthy. Many of these foods are high in ingredients like salt, sugar, and saturates that shorten lives. 

There are, however, plenty of healthy alternatives available on the market. And because they are made of real food, they tend to be more delicious too. 

Healthy ready meals usually arrive in bulk, ready to put in the freezer. Just as before, it’s a matter of whacking it in the microwave and blasting it for a few minutes. That’s it. 

Take A Walk

Research shows that how we approach aging actually affects the rate at which we get older. People who believe that they are old typically are. 

Taking a walk is a good way of breaking somebody out of this way of thinking. By taking a gentle stroll in nature, you show them that they can still move around. And that can give them the confidence to reframe their situation. Perhaps they aren’t as old as they thought they were. 

Walking is also a form of exercise, but it doesn’t feel like it. So when you introduce it, you’re helping their bodies stay healthy and active without making them feel like they’re training. 

How do you keep your aging parents active and positive?

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