7 Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Many couples with children choose to spend Valentine’s Day celebrating their love alongside their kids. After experiencing a hectic year, spending the day together is a great way to celebrate the holiday dedicated to love and family. There are several ways to spend the day as a family. Here is a collection of ideas. Pick one, two, or all seven.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

If your kids are little Nancy Drews, you and your partner may consider arranging a scavenger hunt for your kids to tackle on Valentine’s Day. Your kids may even be interested in making one for you, too! Include clues, little prizes along the way, and perhaps one big prize once they complete all of the steps of the puzzle. The big prize might be a Valentine’s Day dinner of their choosing, or it might be a new movie your family can watch together. Utilize both the inside of your house as well as your backyard to get your kids outside and excited about the mystery you’ve arranged for them to solve!

Bake Valentine Desserts

Get your kids in the kitchen by setting up a cookie-making station. Heart, cupid, and other themed cut-outs would definitely come in handy when baking these sweet treats. Be sure you have Valentine’s Day-worthy frosting colors and sprinkles when it comes to decorating, too. Spread the love even further by gifting a cookie to one of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States who drops off a package at your house or to the mailman who drops off your mail. This gesture will surely leave them feeling appreciated for their hard work.

Make Valentine Cards

To spread the love even further this holiday, work together as a family to hand-make some Valentine’s Day cards that you can mail or drop off at family members’ houses. Make cards for aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and perhaps close family friends, too. This project will get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Get out the construction paper, and be sure you have red and pink in-stock, along with some markers, crayons, and Valentine’s Day-themed stamps and stickers. Help younger children write out a sweet message. This is a great project that will allow family members across town or even across the country to feel the love on this special holiday.

Hike in a Local Park

If Valentine’s Day proves to be a warmer day where you live, consider taking your family to a local park to go for a hike. Be sure everyone wears comfortable shoes and brings some water for the trip. You may even consider bringing a picnic lunch if you’d like to make a day of it. Your family will enjoy some bonding time as you take in nature around you. It’ll be a great way to get in some exercise before eating a meal together in the evening.

Enjoy a Family Bike Ride

You also may consider pulling out your family’s bikes from your garage or basement storage and going for a bike ride in your local park or around your neighborhood. It’s an activity that allows everyone to exercise, take a break, and have some time to decompress alongside their family members. Your community may have bike lanes or biking trails you can utilize as well. Be sure your children understand the rules of the road, as, on average, there is a rear-end collision every eight seconds in the United States. Make safety a priority if you choose to embark on a family bike ride on Valentine’s Day this year.

Go Bowling

Another way to spend Valentine’s Day as a family is by going to your local bowling alley. Order soda as well as some mozzarella sticks or a pizza for the table. Don’t be in a rush; appreciate the time spent together as a family. Everyone will get a chance to sharpen their bowling skills as well as enjoy some downtime relaxing together.

Craft Valentine Jewelry

Did you know that 38 million Americans purchase watches or fine jewelry in a given year? Instead of purchasing jewelry for your significant other and/or children in celebration of the holiday, make a family activity out of crafting some handmade Valentine jewelry together. If you don’t have the supplies already, purchase a jewelry-making kit from a local craft store. Be sure you have Valentine’s Day-themed colors, pendants, and beads to make fun bracelets, necklaces, and perhaps even earrings. Your kids will have a blast creating handmade masterpieces. Plus, you can all wear your fun jewelry if you choose to go out to dinner that evening.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, keep it simple and make it fun. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love. Whether you create a scavenger hunt, go for a bike ride, make matching red-beaded necklaces, or choose to tackle all three, appreciate the time spent with your family.

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