7 Fun Party Themes You Can Use for Any Occasion

Celebrating and need a few party themes? Check out these ideas to get started on making your party a ton of fun!

Check out these 7 Fun Party Themes!

Celebrating and need a few party themes? Check out these ideas to get started on making your party a ton of fun!

At the Movies

Movies permeate every area of society. There isn’t a movie out there that couldn’t be used as a theme for a party. Are you putting together a Christmas party? Use the movie Elf, A Christmas Story, or The Nightmare Before Christmas as the theme. Plan a fun baby shower around the movie Knocked Up or Baby Mama. Build the theme for a housewarming party around the movie Duplex. You could call it: Going from Duplex to a House, We’re Stepping Up in the World. Halloween parties could be themed around Beetlejuice. The point is, you can use movies as the basis for any party theme and make it a lot of fun.

The Great Outdoors

Create winter wonderlands using trees, lights, and fluffy batting. Host summer parties with old-fashioned log races and log splitting contests. Decorate cakes with fairies and woodland creatures for birthdays. Setting a theme around the outdoors means that you can focus on outdoor activities, foods that look like things you find outside, and adding decorations with flowers, trees, and outdoor creatures. Use the outdoors as the foundation for any party you want to host.


Who doesn’t love a good explosion? Light off fireworks for a Fourth of July Bash. Explode a gender reveal confetti cannon at a baby party. You can capture the excited faces of the new parents finding out for the first time what they are going to have. Add heart shaped sparklers to a birthday cake or valentine’s cake to add a special touch beyond your typical candles. Celebrate a milestone anniversary with a big bang. While explosions are not the whole party, you can create a lot of fun around the theme of explosions.

The 80’s

I’m not sure what it is about the 80’s that lends itself so well to being a party theme, but you can’t go wrong with the 80’s for your theme. The bright colors, crazy hair, and 80’s rock are timeless details to use in creating a great party. Rock out to some New Kids on the Block, have a crazy hair contest, and serve bright green juice that reminds us all of the original Ghostbusters. Make a game like “You Can’t Do that On Television” and end it with a fun gender reveal box. You never know what the surprise will be like. The 80’s can work for any party including engagement parties, birthdays, retirement parties, and so much more.

Costume Parties

Let’s face it, a costume party is great whether you’re 2 years old or 92 years old. There isn’t a party in the world that couldn’t be made more fun by adding in costumes. Halloween parties are the obvious ones, but why not host Christmas costume parties Valentine’s Day costume parties as well? Even summer parties could benefit from a good costume. Birthday parties, retirement parties, and engagement parties are all made better with a costume. Give your party goers a theme like superheroes or magic or the renaissance and see what creative outfits everyone comes up with.

Dessert Party Themes

Desserts can be a theme all on their own. Center your party around delicious cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate dipped fruit. Willy Wonka will have nothing on you when you’re done planning your party. Desserts are the perfect theme for a baby shower, a New Years’ Eve party, a women’s tea, a birthday party, a bachelor party, and even a 50th wedding anniversary party. Cut some cake, hand out some wedding sparklers, and celebrate in style. Desserts can be as dressed up or dressed down as you need. Serve fancy cake balls and brownie bites or make single serve cheesecake cups. The possibilities are endless.


Don yourself with leis and grass skirts and sip on drinks with umbrellas in them. Serve delicious Hawaiian pizza and pork glazed with sweet sauce. Add brightly colored flowers and palm trees into the décor and you have the beginnings of a fantastic luau. A bonfire out by the water would add in the best finishing touch. Play music from island culture and have a fun time. Luaus are fun for graduation parties, birthdays, engagement soirees, and even housewarming parties. You can’t go wrong with a luau style party

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