7 Great Ideas For Turning Your Garden Into The Ultimate Play Area

Looking to create the ultimate play area in/around your home?

Watching your children play can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of being a parent. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they learn through playfully interacting with their environment can be very rewarding. 

If you’re lucky enough, you may have a garden that is suitable for your children to play in, then you should make some great areas for them to play in. You may have to invest in tree removal or even The Local Tree Experts before getting started; but the rewards are worth it! There are lots of great ways you can use your garden to create a fantastic, fun space for your kids. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

ultimate play area

Build A Treehouse

If you’ve got a sizeable sturdy tree in your garden, why not build a treehouse? It’s every kid’s fantasy, and you’d definitely be the coolest parent if you helped make that a reality. You can use reclaimed wood and boards. Just remember to make sure it’s safe before letting your kids climb into it. 

A Rope Swing

If your tree has large overhanging branches, then you may want to create a rope swing. You’ll want to use some rubber flooring under your swing, and avoid using playground wood chips as these can be very painful when a child falls on them.

A Sand Pit

If you have any old shelves, you could paint them bright colors, lay them on their back and fill them full of sand. This would create a really simple sandpit for your young children to play in. 

Stepping Stones

Using large painted stones, or wood blocks, you can create stepping stones across grassy areas of your garden. Embed the rocks or blocks into the ground a couple of inches deep. Make sure that they are level and are safe to stand on. Place the next one about a foot and a half away from it, and create a walkway across the garden.

Balance Beam

Using a long sturdy beam of wood and some thicker blocks underneath, you could create a balance beam about six inches off the ground. Your kids could use it like a tightrope.

A Water Slide

When it’s hot in the garden, why not make a water slide. All you need is a large sheet of plastic such as a camping tarp and some water. Lay the sheet out on a slight slope, aim a light hose at the tarp and sprinkle a little dish detergent on the tarp to make it extra slippery. Then it’s time to slip and slide. 

Create A Blackboard

Why not find a piece of wall and paint it black? Create an area for your kids to express themselves with some chalk. You could attach a box to the wall so that your young ones can store their favorite chalks and a board duster to wipe it clean

Whatever your children are into, there are lots of creative ways that you can use your outdoor space to make a fun and exciting environment for them. Next time you are clearing out your garage or getting rid of an item of furniture, ask yourself if you could reuse it in the garden play area and create the ultimate play area. Sometimes the best childhood memories are not with expensive toys, but with the simple homemade things. 

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