7 Tips to Avoid Toxic People in Your Life

It’s hard to avoid toxic people! We often have to deal with them at home, our jobs, social media, and even the grocery store. With the holiday season beginning in a few short months, I wanted to share a list of seven tips that you can use to get through the season and enjoy peace:

Avoid Toxic People

You are going to run into people who are negative.

Negative people are toxic. They are the people who complain all the time and never offer any solutions as to how to make situations better. These are the people that put others down. Negative people never have anything nice to say about others. They are not fun to be around, and they can bring your spirits down. They will even try to recruit you to their way of thinking.

Recognize when people are toxic.

There are several types of people that fall into the toxic category. One of the biggest types is the manipulator. These are the people who make you feel like you are in the wrong (even if you’re 100% sure that you’re right!). Once they have you down on yourself, they’ll get others to turn against you, too. Other types of toxic people can include those who insult others, gossipers, and those who sabotage. While there are no official definitions for toxic people, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It’s best to always go by your good ol’ gut feeling about people!


It’s important to trust your instincts about toxic people.

Speaking of trusting the good ol’ gut – it will often be your best judge of who these people are. Generally, when one is in your presence, you’ll feel tense and become defensive. People sometimes ignore these feelings, but if you learn to trust them, you’ll be able to identify (and avoid!) toxic people.

When a person is toxic, this is different than just being annoying.

We all have annoying people with whom we interact. In fact, we can even be annoying to others! But simply not being fond of their behavior doesn’t meet the definition of toxic behavior. You can choose to limit your interaction with annoying people. They’re often good-hearted and mean well, yet unsure of how to approach the situation. If you believe that these annoying people are toxic to your well-being, by all means, you have the right to avoid them.

Don’t let people drag you into their toxic world.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to be drawn into a toxic world. Toxic people love to recruit allies. It helps their cause. The trouble is, you become one of them, and then people will try to avoid you at all costs. Therefore, you need to stay positive to counteract their ploys.

You shouldn’t try to change toxic people.

People are going to be who they want to be. People are naturally resistant to change. If you try to change their behavior, you run the risk of gaining an enemy. This will set you up as a target for more toxic actions, and this makes it much more difficult to avoid them.

Find people who will call you out when you are negative.

Have you heard of accountability partners? These are the people who will call you out on the behavior and actions that aren’t helping you to avoid toxic people and situations. You can do the same for the partners when they express negativity. There are a ton of creative ways to penalize each other including putting money into a savings jar, adding an hour to your exercise routine, picking up the lunch tab on your next meal, etc.

What are a few ways you avoid toxic people? Comment and share below!

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