8 Housewarming Gift Ideas That Will Put a Smile on Your Loved One’s Face

If your loved one has recently purchased their very first home or apartment, you’re likely going to drop off or send them a gift to celebrate the big and new step they’ve taken in their life. Here are eight housewarming gifts to ponder based on your friend or family member’s interests and their new home’s aesthetics.

A Gift Card to a High-End Home Store

If your loved one has moved to a big, expensive city, they’re likely paying quite a bit of money to be living there. In fact, the average sales price was $1.9 million for condos in existing buildings in Manhattan in the third quarter of 2017. If this is the case for your family member or friend, consider purchasing them a gift card to a high-end furniture or home store in their new home city. This way, with your help, they’ll be able to cut down on expenses allocated to decorations, furniture, and appliances they may be in need of.

A Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet for Some Serious Cooking

If your friend or family member enjoys cooking and is always talking about the latest recipe they tried out, a nice housewarming gift to gift them could be a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. Cast iron skillets are nonstick, chemical-free, long-lasting, and they make food taste great! Some particularly yummy foods to cook in cast iron skillets include fried chicken, lasagna and other pasta dishes, s’mores, pizza, pancakes, and quesadillas, to name a few. If your loved one is a foodie, a cast iron skillet would be a wonderful gift that they could benefit from for a long time.

One of Today’s Most Popular Kitchen Appliances: An Air Fryer

The Air Fryer has become one of today’s most popular kitchen appliances. They are considered to be a healthier alternative to frying foods in heavy amounts of oils, which is a habit linked to health problems down the road. French fries, chicken nuggets, veggies, pizza, and other fry-worthy foods can be cooked in Air Fryers. If your loved one is a healthy eater but has been looking for alternative ways to cook, this appliance would make a perfect housewarming gift.

Your Loved One’s Favorite Wine

Your friend or family member may be an avid wine drinker. Whether they adore sweet or dry wines, purchase a hefty bottle of their favorite kind so your friend or family member can celebrate their new home right! Aside from France, Spain, and Italy, California is the fourth-largest producer of wine in the world. Consider purchasing a bottle or two from a professional winery in California or from a local winery in your own area. A personalized wine opener, wine stoppers, or some new coozies with your loved one’s last name and their moving year printed on the front of them would be wonderful additions, too.

Staying Classy and Personalized: An Engraved Cutting Board

Another classic kitchen gift you can buy as a housewarming gift for your loved one is a cutting board. However, to make it more personalized, have it engraved with their last name and their moving year, perhaps in a classy cursive font. Every time your friend or loved one looks at it or cuts up a snack, they’ll think of you.

Personalize a Set of Candles

Personalizing a set of candles is another housewarming gift to consider. With hundreds of brands and scents to choose from, find their favorite scents or a set that matches the aesthetic of your loved one’s new home. Candleholders can make wonderful touches, too, as you can personalize the holders and/or the candles themselves. If your friend or family member is a lover of fruits, gifting them some fruit-scented candles in matching holders engraved with their last name and their moving year would make a wonderful addition to their kitchen, living room, dining room, or bathrooms.

Matching Robes to Celebrate a New Partnernship

If your loved one has purchased a home, condo, or apartment with their partner or spouse, consider purchasing a set of matching robes for the happy couple. With their names or titles stitched on the robes, which may be different colors but the same style robe, your friend or family member will welcome this fun and cozy addition to their closet!

Keep it Simple With Beautiful Flowers

Another simple yet elegant housewarming gift idea is providing your loved one with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Worth over $100 billion, the floral industry consists of thousands of florists across the country at your service to send your family member or friend an arrangement wherever their new home is located. If your loved one loves sunflowers, provide them with a bouquet along with some small sunflower-themed gifts, like salt and pepper shakes and napkins. A bouquet of roses could be accompanied by rose-themed hand towels and a soap dispenser. Think outside the box based on your loved one’s favorite flower!

With so many gifts available to adorn your loved one’s kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and more, think about their interests and their new home’s look. Consider their partner or new spouse, too. Then, start shopping for a housewarming gift that will bring a smile to your family member of friend’s face each and every day.

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