8 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Renovating your kitchen can be a huge undertaking. Some people will only do it once in their lifetime, so you have got to get it right. Without planning effectively and getting the right help, you could fall into one of the most common kitchen renovation pitfalls. Here are the most common kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid.

8 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Doing it on your own

You might be a DIY master. You might even be a budding architect. That means you can draw up an accurate plan for your new kitchen. However, without the help of a kitchen designer, you could be forgetting some of the most common things. Kitchen designers are trained to create beautiful spaces that are easy to work in.

Not thinking about storage

There is a lot to store in your kitchen – cutlery, pans, appliances, and more. That means you need plenty of storage space built into the design. You do not want to end up finishing your kitchen and realizing that you cannot fit all of your pans in the drawers. Make a list of everything that needs storing and build extra space for it.

Not considering the ‘work triangle’

The kitchen work triangle refers to the space between the cooking surface, the refrigerator, and the sink. Some designers claim there is a perfect equation to get the work triangle right. But the basic premise is that they should all be relatively close to each other to maximize your workflow efficiency.

Picking the wrong backsplash

Plenty of people do not consider the backsplash when designing a kitchen. If you pick right, the backsplash can become a focal point for the whole kitchen. You can either choose a bold backsplash that creates contrast with the neutral colors, or you can choose a tiled backsplash that fits in with the walls.

Not creating enough worktop space

The more worktop space, the better. With plenty of space on your kitchen counters, you can try elaborate dishes without getting in your own way. Also consider a worktop material that is easy to clean, like marble or granite. Check out Granite Transformations for the best granite worktops Bolton has to offer.

Going over budget

Creating a budget is an important part of your kitchen renovation. With the help of a professional kitchen designer, you can make an accurate budget with some breathing room for unforeseen problems. If you go it alone, you will probably underestimate how much it is going to cost.

Pick appliances last

Choosing the appliances last could ruin your whole kitchen renovation. It is much easier to pick worktops and cabinets that fit over appliances than the other way around. Appliance shopping should be one of the first considerations when you are planning a kitchen renovation.

Forgetting the big picture

It is easy to forget the big picture when you are planning a kitchen renovation. You can pick amazing appliances, perfect worktops, and high-end cabinets. But if they do not all go together, your new kitchen is going to look a mess. Make sure you consider how everything is going to fit together.

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