8 Reasons You Should Take Up Yoga During Lockdown

If you have never tried Yoga, then now is probably the time to give it a go. At a time when people have to stay inside, when life is uncertain in so many ways, and many people are more stressed than they have probably ever been, then Yoga could be the perfect way to relax and to keep healthy.

The practice of Yoga is not just about meditating and relaxing; it has numerous benefits and is beneficial to both men and women of all ages. The practice has been around for years, it is practiced worldwide, it is often offered as part of Outpatient Treatment For Drug and Alcohol Recovery, as a class in the gym and widely available online. So what is so good about Yoga, and why is it something you should take up today?

It builds muscle

Yoga actually builds muscle all over the body and it does so evenly, so there is no chance of missing any part of your body.  

It increases strength

During this Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to be healthy and strong – both physically and mentally. Did you know that Yoga can increase strength and substantially improve lower back, hamstring and shoulder flexibility?

It promotes weight loss

Yoga is well-known for lowering levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone that prompts your body to collect belly fat. So not only will you be less stressed if you take up Yoga, but you’ll be trimmer too. 

It reduces back pain.

Studies have found that Yoga not only alleviates lower back pain but also helps with fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and other kinds of chronic pain. Many people are sitting more than usual during lockdown or self-isolation, so Yoga is perfect for this as it is especially effective as sitting all day can be really harsh on your back, and underutilized muscles can cause you a lot of pain. 

It boosts confidence

The benefits of Yoga include better posture and toned muscles which are both contributors to increased confidence. If you’re looking good, you’ll be feeling good too and it will show. 

It reduces stress and anxiety.

Yoga is really good for the mind as not only does it provide you with time, a moment of calm and an escape from your thoughts, but the combination of physical poses, controlled breathing, and relaxation techniques have been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate and can help with anxiety and depression.

It is suitable for the whole family.

Yoga is something that all ages and abilities can get involved with. It has many benefits for your joints and your flexibility. At this time, it is something you can either do alone, so its perfect for social distancing, or it is something that the whole family can do together with the guidance of an online workout. 

It Increases energy and reduces fatigue. 

Relieving stress and switching off from your thoughts will both enable you to have a better night’s sleep, but Yoga is also a natural way to boost your energy levels so you will be able to face the day ahead and then have a better quality sleep at night. 

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