How To Find Fresh Produce In Your Local Area

Local Produce

Fresh produce is one of the main things you will find in our refrigerator. While grocery stores are typically the most convenient for picking up fruits and vegetables, there are other options. I am not fond of making more than a couple of stops to shop; however, over the years, I have changed my shopping habits. Not only do I save more money but I’m feeding my family healthier foods and supporting local farmers. 

Living in a rural area gives us an advantage to shop at local produce stands, farms, U-Pick farms and farmer’s markets. They are readily available around every corner! In the past few years, I have had friends in larger cities telling me about communities creating gardens together and the farmer’s markets growing. Imagine how much of an impact we could make if all of our communities worked together to grow fresh fruits and vegetables?!

How do you find these places if you don’t want to drive around? Go online and research it. Here are 5 sites that will help you find what you are looking for!

Eat Local Grown

On,  you can enter your town name, state, and/or zip code to search for locations near you. Once you’ve checked out the supplier, leave a rating on the website to help your community make better shopping decisions. You can easily share your experience on social media, too!

Local Harvest

Local Harvest connects people who are looking for good food with the farmers who produce it! It’s easy to type in your city, state, and/or zip code and choose if you’re looking for a farm, U-Pick, farmer’s market, meat processor, etc. 


Social media has given us the ability to not only connect with family and friends, but also local businesses! Ask your friend’s list for suggestions, do a quick search, and be sure to check the events section. The Marketplace also gives you the opportunity to find local sellers. This will be handy when garden season gets into full swing. 

Use Search Engines

Pick your favorite search engine such as Google or Bing and find local produce that way. You’ll find quite a few if they have websites. You can use words such as – farm, farmers market, u-pick farm. These search phrases will work both on Facebook and the search engine.

Local Dirt


Local Dirt is an easy-to-navigate website to buy or sell fresh produce. They are partnered with the Locavore app to search for your needs. At the current time, this site is limited to the Southeast portion of the United States. I hope to see it grow!

Finding a local place that fits your wants and needs may time a little time and research. Once you get to know your local area and the farmers, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago! You’ll be supporting your local farm families and can feel good about what your feeding to your own family.

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