Setting Up the Ideal Family Dining Room


Having a comfortable and inviting dining room space is key for healthy and happy family mealtimes. You can spend a lot of time preparing healthy recipes and encouraging the family to eat in a better way, but if you don’t have the right place to eat together or set the table, then productive mealtimes can be tricky.

If you’re looking to give your dining room an overhaul or turn a spare room into a family dining room, then here are a few things you can do to ensure it’s exactly what you need.

Family dining room table and chairs

Eliminate Any Distractions

It’s best if your dining room has the sole purpose of family time and enjoying healthy meals together, which means leaving technology like the television in the living room instead is a good idea. You may also want to have a rule of no technology or phones allowed at the dining table if you want to enjoy meals together in peace.

Have Focused Lighting

Lighting positioned for the table itself is ideal, like overhead lighting or even candles or lamps positioned on the table as a centerpiece. Lamps or wall lighting that can be extended or positioned at will are also great features to be able to move your lighting around as you need it, based on the time of day or occasion.

Think Carefully About Your Table and Chairs

For a successful family dining experience, you need to make sure that your table is big enough for what you need and that chairs are comfortable enough. Naturally, you’ll need the minimum space for the number of people in the household, but you should also think about other occasions, too. If you’d like to host dinner parties or host meals during the holidays with more guests, then investing in a larger table which covers all possibilities is a good idea.

Add Cozy Features

Think about how to ensure that your room is still a warm and friendly place to be when the weather turns colder. You don’t want to have to sit shivering in your dining room when eating during the winter. Add features such as heating or a fireplace, such as the great collection from, to make sure it’s still an inviting place to be.

Choose a Space Near the Kitchen

It’ll be a lot more convenient for cooking and mealtimes if your dining room or table is positioned as close to the kitchen as possible — maybe even in the same space if you have an open-plan layout. This means that you can still enjoy family time while meals are being prepared if children are at the table and parents are in the kitchen cooking. It also makes it easier to serve, clean up, and for everybody to chip in if the dining space is close to the kitchen facilities.

Personalize the Experience

As a final thought, maybe you want to make it more fun by having the kids design their own placemats or place names or choosing their designated seats. Anything which gets the family more excited about sitting at the dinner table will enable you all to enjoy healthy meals together.

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