A Guide To The Best Big Boys Toys

Best Big Boys Toys

For that person who has everything but you want to treat to something new, there are some fantastic toys that no one needs but you will almost certainly want. Who wants something they need anyway? Check out this list of big boys toys, and you’ll be getting out your credit card before you get to the end. 

Quad Bikes

Traditionally used for off-road and sports, quad bikes (or ATVs) are now very popular as hobby vehicle or for agricultural work. Due to the durability of quads, there is a large second-hand quad market and plenty of people looking to sell an ATV, so you’ll be able to find a reliable ride and save some money. 

KAMRE Camera Sunglasses

Camera sunglasses don’t just look good and protect your eyes from UV rays, but they can also record fantastic video with clear audio. Use them when you’re cycling, hunting, fishing and travelling and you won’t miss a thing. These camera glasses are compatible with Windows and Mac and are the perfect combination between an HD Camera and Polarized Sunglasses.

UGEARS Mechanical Models

If you like puzzles and that great sense of satisfaction you get when you’ve completed one then building one of UGEARS mechanical puzzles is for you. The steam locomotive is just one of the models you can choose from, and it is structured just like the XIX century engineering with its wheels, pistons, spinning gears, and other components designed to resemble the real-life replica from back in the time when technical progress was at its peak. The engine of the model is operated using a lever near the driver’s window and can be steered up to a distance of five meters using the vast gearwheel array. Each piece is pre-cut using plywood boards so it is easy to snap them out and there’s no glue needed! 


You’ve seen these cool flyboards right? Fancy one for yourself? From teens to adults, the Flyboard can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you want to master a new skill or just have fun with the family, the Flyboard will have you flying through the air like a flying surfer in no time. 

Nerf Official Lazer Tag

There’s no need to go to Laser Quest when you can have your own Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint Blaster 2-pack which gives you everything you need to face off in head-to-head live-action laser battles! AlphaPoint blasters fire a single-shot IR burst with each pull of the trigger, and register hits with lights and sounds, while lights on the back display health status and ammo capacity. Designed with unlimited ammo, the blasters have a quick-reload button to replenish the supply. 

Indoor Snowball Fight Pack

You don’t have to wait until winter for a snowball fight, get some artificial snowballs, and you can have it just as good but without the cold, the wet clothes and the injuries. The soft fabric balls even crunch as well as looking and feeling like real snow. You can even take the snowballs to work when you feel like adding a bit of fun to your working week and then use them as decoration during the winter.

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