A Midi Dress Shopping Guide for the Holidays

This midi dress shopping guide will help you find the perfect dress for YOU as well as the events you’ll be attending. Be stylish and comfortable!

In the world of fashion, few things are as useful as a midi dress. If you feel like your closet has a gaping hole that needs to be filled, a midi dress can certainly fill that fashion hole for you. In fact, the right midi dress can serve several functions. Here is what you need to know to select the right one when you shop.

Do Not Strictly Go by Midi Dress Definition

The name “midi dress” refers to length. By definition, a midi dress often has a hemline that stops halfway down the lower leg. However, that area is typically the widest portion of the lower leg. A dress with a hemline there can make your legs look awkwardly cut off and as if they are not in proportion to the rest of your body. The solution is to look for a midi dress that ends just the slightest bit above or below that widest point.

Know How Your Height is Perceived in a Midi Dress

When deciding if you need a slightly shorter or slightly longer than average midi dress, use your height as a guide. A slightly shorter than average dress allows more of your leg to be seen. That gives the appearance of extra height. When the dress is longer than the midpoint of your lower leg, it can make both your legs and your total height seem shorter.

Choose a Midi Dress Pattern That Compliments Your Body

Another way the midi dress you choose can affect how your height is perceived is with its color or pattern. There are so many midi-dress designs and colors to choose from that you might think finding one to compliment your body is difficult. However, knowing a simple rule can help.

The midi dress color or pattern selection rule is be aware of the effects of the pattern. Any patterned midi dress has a tendency to give the appearance of less height. If you want to look taller, avoiding patterns entirely is one way to do so. However, if you like patterns and are on the shorter side, you can use different types of footwear to make yourself look taller, as long as the pattern is small and subtle. A large pattern can appear too “busy” or make your body look undefined.

Picking a Complementary Midi Dress Shape and Fit

When selecting your ideal midi dress, you also have to consider shape and fit. Choose one that is comfortable but also highlights the areas where you want people to focus their attention. Use accessories to make the most of the midi dress shape as well. For example, a simple A-Line midi dress is comfortable and has a loose hemline. Adding a s belt or sash to it can give your waist more definition. Cinching your waist with a sash or belt is also a way to break up the dress a bit and add in a splash of a different color, if desired.

Make Your Midi Dress Work All Year

To find a midi dress appropriate for all seasons, shop with layering in mind. Starting with a light, short-sleeved midi dress assures you can stay comfortable when the weather is warm. Yet, it also provides opportunities for layering. Sweaters, jackets, tights and weather-appropriate shoes or boots are all useful tools to help you get the most out of your midi dress all year.

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