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Hand sanitizing is a must when you live on a farm and spend a lot of your time at the ball field. With germs everywhere, we wanted a solution that was convenient, effective, and natural. Elyptol has harnessed nature’s strength to create skincare products that are perfect for the professional world as well as personal use. With convenient gels and sprays, you can keep a bottle on hand everywhere. Keep reading to learn more and then enter for your chance to win an Elyptol Prize Pack valued at $58!

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Elyptol Spray

The Elyptol Spray comes in a 6-pack of 2 oz. bottles, making it convenient to keep a bottle in your car, purse, desk drawer at work, tool box, and more! Elyptol effectively kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi and other common germs that can cause disease. The natural formulation, which includes Eucalyptus Oil, minimizes the chance of allergic reactions and dermatitis. For high-frequency users, you no longer have to worry about drying your hands out because it’s also a moisturizer!

Hand Santizer Gel

Elyptol Gel

If you prefer a gel over a spray, the Elyptol Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Gel is convenient for carrying everywhere you go! No rinsing is required! The hospital-grade formula leaves your hands clean, healthy, and smelling natural! I carry a bottle in my bag but don’t always enjoy lugging the bag around the dirty ball field. A handy carabiner clip makes it easy to slip onto a bottle of gel or spray and carry with your keys.

Both the gel and spray are ideal products to use if you work with money, in food service, healthcare, education, travel, and many other industries. The 6-packs would make great gifts for teachers to keep in their classrooms, too. Elyptol does not test on animals and is, in fact, used by numerous veterinary clinics! The formula is safe for children but with the younger kiddos, monitor for proper usage; but, it is not recommended for infants.

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