A Walk Amongst The Flours: Baking To De-Stress

Using Baking to De-Stress is one of my favorite techniques to use year-round!

If you spend a lot of time stressing about your money situation, and there are various problems in life that you feel you just need to bury your head in the sand in order to cope, you’ve got to think about some of the simple ways in which to calm down. It’s not all about meditation and mindfulness! In fact, one of the most relaxing pastimes can be found right in the kitchen!

Baking is something that can help you feel happier and relieve stress, but how does it work, and what can you do to get your baking gloves on and fight stress?

Baking To De-Stress

The Creativity Aspect

If you don’t feel fulfilled in your job, or you aren’t challenged enough, the ability to create in the kitchen is something that can bring you a lot of joy. As well as this, the creative aspect can provide a meditation of sorts into the kitchen. It also gives you a productive outlet for negative emotions, so if you are looking for a challenge, but something that’s enjoyable, you can use baking as a way to try out new recipes. Perhaps there’s that bottle of flavored rum that’s been in the cabinet for some time? Rather than quaffing it down, put some into your baking, and let it breathe a new air of life! Being creative by baking to de-stress really helps!

That Time To Yourself

If you’ve had a bad week, or everyone is frustrating you, you head to the kitchen! It’s a task for you to focus your energies on, and in a very primal manner, when you are kneading the dough, or using a rolling pin to batter the mixture, you are getting your aggression and frustration out. As well as this, you can make the most of being in the kitchen by yourself, surrounding yourself with the things that calm you down. Putting on a podcast, putting your headphones on and just getting those frustrations out is great. Proper time to yourself in the kitchen is therapeutic, regardless of the practice. It’s something that we shouldn’t underestimate.

The Benefits Of Giving To Others

Baking is a very charitable thing. When you are making all those cookies, or you are planning a mega birthday cake, its a perfect way to give to others. If you’ve noticed that when you make a big meal for others, you don’t necessarily tuck into it as heartily as others would. The same applies to baking. And in fact, giving to others, whether it’s a birthday cake, or letting them help themselves to your cookies can release endorphins, the feel-good hormone, which doesn’t just make you happier, but it increases your sense of gratitude and satisfaction. It’s important to give to others, and baking combines our skills in the kitchen with that feeling we’ve done something good at the end of the day.

Whether you don’t really like the idea of sitting cross-legged in a corner and chanting to yourself, or you just want a way to calm down, perhaps you should head to the kitchen? Baking isn’t just a wonderful anxiety reducer, but there’s an actual product you can eat at the end of it!

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  1. I like to bake too. Especially around the holidays. Who doesn’t love getting a gift from the kitchen!

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