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Home to the world-renowned Jack Daniel’s Distillery and the Meat & Three Meals family! We love our simple life here in the hollow and have a desire to share all of the goodness that we’ve learned out here in the sticks. From easy, tasty recipes to fun giveaways, we are excited to share the fun with y’all!

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Shelly Maynard, creator of Meat & Three Meals. Nestled in the rolling hills of south-central Tennessee, Lynchburg has front-porch charm that will make you want to sit a spell or two — and plant your roots. 

I haven’t always lived in this southern paradise. I was born and raised until age 14 on some of the flattest land known to man in south-central Illinois. I lived in a village of only 800 people. Small town life has always been in my blood, and I’ve never had a desire to change that. In 1998, my family packed up, headed for Alabama, and ended up staying in Tennessee. I found my place here in God’s Country — and this is where I plan on staying.

I am married to my best friend, Patrick, and together, we have three children — Isaiah (18), Aidan (16), and an angel baby (July 5th, 2017). We enjoy spending Friday nights at the football field under the lights, relaxing on the front porch, and spending time working on our five-acre homestead. 

When my husband and I first began our lives together, we were living a truly modern life. Our meals were prepackaged or fast food and if we did cook at home, they were bland. We often laugh about how the only two spices we had in our cabinets were salt and pepper. Today, we have an entire shelf devoted to an assortment of spices that are used on a regular basis. We still enjoy a dinner out from time to time but have developed a deep appreciation for a home-cooked meal

How did I discover my love for baking and cooking? I spent a lot of time standing on a chair beside the stove while my mom and grandpa created delicious dishes. Seeing our family and friends enjoy the food they prepared always put a smile on their faces. Once I began baking and cooking myself, I felt that rush of happiness that comes from hearing “this is delicious!” or “this is the best (insert food name here) I’ve ever tasted!”. One of the highest compliments I have ever received came from a man who was over 80 years old. After trying a slice of from-scratch peach pie I had made, he bragged that my pie crust reminded him of his own grandmother’s. It might not have had the perfectly scalloped edges, but to me, a compliment like that on my pie crust filled my heart with joy!

From the time I was a youngin’, I never really had big, flashy dreams. They revolved around having the basic comforts of life (clothing, food, and shelter), a loving husband, kids, and good health. Today, those are my most valuable assets, and I couldn’t think of having any other kind of life. I appreciate the little things and believe that hard work is the only path to true success. 

To many, my simple way of life is dull and uneventful; however, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I hope to inspire others and educate through my blog!


To make food from the heart that helps others bring their family and friends together through easy, tasty recipes!


To Inspire Others. – Baking & cooking can be intimidating when you see picture-perfect food on TV, social media, and in magazines that looks too good to eat. I hope to inspire others to continue baking and cooking, no matter how “good” it looks. I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be pretty to taste amazing!

To Show Love. – Personally, baking and cooking has become my “love language”. When I make someone’s favorite meal or treat, I hope they know it always comes with a side of love, too. I strive to show that love through each recipe that I share.

To Encourage. – Baking and cooking skills improve with practice and time. I hope to encourage every level of baker/cook to expand their skills by trying something outside of their comfort zone!

To Share. – Sharing is caring! I have spent a lot of time being frustrated when recipes don’t share that special ingredient or technique that makes the dish turn out as good as what they have shown. I am an open book when it comes to my recipes and will always share all of my tips and tricks that help me make a dish to the best of my ability!

Together – let’s make food from the heart!

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