All About ‘She Sheds’ (And Why You Might Want One For Yourself)

Recent data tells us that 58% of homeowners say they plan to spend money on home improvements this year. And although man caves were once all the rage, it’s now all about sisters doing it for themselves. The “she shed,” which has been a staple in many an American backyard for the last few years, is still going strong. Though the spaces may not be exactly equal and the mere idea might rub some gender equality crusaders the wrong way, these revamped structures have certainly helped many women sustain their sanity and provide a means of solitude in the midst of a chaotic world. But what exactly is a she shed and why might you want one for yourself?

Simply put, a she shed is an outdoor structure that’s used as a personal hideaway, rather than as a storage spot for gardening tools. Described as outdoor hideouts for women to forgo daily stresses, these sheds can be used for anything from reading and resting to practicing yoga and various hobbies. They can even be used as a workspace or as a social hangout. With more than 100,000 species of natural wood to be found worldwide, there’s no shortage of materials to use when creating your own she shed. Some are pre-fab, while others are completely DIY. If you have an existing structure in your backyard, you might even be able to make it over and transform it into your own little oasis. Some concrete structures can last up to 100 years! Generally speaking, she sheds are affordable, easy to install, and versatile (due to their small size). Plus, they can be incredibly fun to decorate.

In some cases, they might add value to your property. Landscaping alone can increase a home’s resale value by 14%. But the main reason many women create them is to add value to their lives. Your average wooden shed should last roughly 15 to 20 years, but it’s entirely possible that these sheds have extended the lifespans of the women who use them (or at least, their marriages), as they can act as a means of alleviating stress and prioritizing one’s needs.

According to a recent Houzz study, nearly half of homeowners who upgrade their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours there every week. And for many women who design their own she sheds, it’s essential to spend as much time there as humanly possible. Once you’ve decided on the main purpose of your she shed and the ideal design concept, you can get to work — and then get to relaxing once it’s all finished.

While there still may be a lot of work to do in terms of banishing outdated gender roles, at least some women can now get the peace, quiet, and pretty surroundings they want with the addition of a she shed. The she shed has even been the subject of a viral State Farm commercial, which makes it clear that the trend isn’t going anywhere. For those who simply want to carve out a bit more “me time,” the idea of having a tiny-yet-curated space to call their own might be too enticing to pass up.

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