Batch Cooking Recipes – Simple and Easy Ideas

Family mealtimes can be hard work – have you considered batch cooking? You want to ensure your family is eating a nutritious home-cooked meal, as it is known the fresher the food, or rather the less processed the food the healthier the meal. That’s all very well but then you have the battle of finding time after school, work, and activities to prepare everything and cook it from scratch, and then, you have to find something everything likes. Often perhaps the hardest task of them all, along with the daily battle to eat broccoli.

In order to try and make busy weekday mealtimes easier consider batch cooking your meals. It could be that you meal prep over the weekend and pre-cook a selection of meals that can be used for dinners or even lunches throughout the week. Saving you time and stress midweek as you battle commutes and homework. Here are some simple and easy batch cooking recipes for inspiration.

Batch Cooking Recipes like sauces can save time and money!

Five bean chili 

Bean chili is a great way of getting protein, fiber, and of course a healthy helping of veg into the family mid-week. Load it up with a variety of beans, kidney beans, black beans, or just buy a can of mixed beans and mix it together with peppers, tomatoes, courgette, whatever veg you feel like. The great thing about chili is that you can also tailor the spice to suit your family. Chili can be served with rice, in a tortilla wrap, or on a baked potato. It is the perfect versatile meal that lends itself to batch cooking

Shepherds pie

Shepard’s Pie is a great meal for the winter or cooler fall nights. It is also perfect to cook, freeze and use at a later date. Traditionally it is made using ground lamb, vegetables, gravy, and mash potato. To make your shepherd’s pie stand out use high-quality ingredients such as lamb from Superior Farms. Good quality meat will make all the difference in your shepherd’s pie. You could also replace your white potato topping for a sweet potato mash, or a mix of the two to give it that little extra flavor. If you’re looking to squeeze even more veg in try topping your pie with sweet potato and squash, carrot, or parsnip mash.  Don’t forget to top the potato with cheese too. A melted crispy cheesy top to your shepherd’s pie really makes  it. Shepard’s Pie can be served with fresh green vegetables or just enjoyed by itself with an extra helping of gravy.

Big Batch Chicken Soup

Again soup is the perfect meal to pre-cook and spread out into containers to be used during the week. Great for lunches and dinners soup can offer up the perfect quick and no-hassle meal. You can use a base recipe such as chicken, stock, onions, carrots, and celery and then add whatever vegetables suit your family. Use a whole chicken to ensure it makes a large enough batch and again, be sure to use high-quality free-range meat to get the best chicken soup you can. Serve your chicken soup with some fresh crusty bread or simply eat it by itself.

Which recipes do you use for batch cooking?

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