Beach Essentials For Baby And Mom


Packing for some R & R oceanside? Check out our list of beach essentials for baby and mom!

Summer is finally here and that means warm weather, picnics and spending hours at the beach. If you have a little one, going to the beach may seem like an impossible task but quite the contrary. As long as you come to the beach equipped with all the essentials, your day at the beach with your baby will smooth and enjoyable. Make sure you have these beach essentials before going on your next beach trip with your baby.

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Beach Windbreaker

Set up a beach windbreaker to shield you and your baby from getting too much sun, especially if you are planning on being at the beach all day. They are relatively easy to carry as most can be folded up and put away. You can get one that fits just your baby or the whole family.

Gathre Mat

These lightweight mats are great for letting your baby crawl around but they are not so lightweight that they will tumble around the beach. Getting sand off gathre mats is very easy as well so you are not tracking in a bunch of sand back to your car. These are also easy to carry along to the beach. If you do not want a gathre mat, then maybe opt for a sand-free beach mat.


This goes without saying, but should still be said. Bringing sunscreen is important for everyone, especially your baby’s. Their skin is new and delicate, so it is important to keep it protected with sunscreen. There are plenty of sunscreens for kids to choose from at any of your local grocery store or pharmacy.

First Aid Kit

You never know what will happen. It is better to air on the safe side and bring a first aid kit for ailments or small injuries. This first aid kit should include bandages and things to kill off germs on a cut. Keep a kit in your car and take a small first aid kit with you to the beach just in case. Accidents happen and you do not want to be caught off guard.

Bug Spray

Beaches have bugs too. Bringing bug spray will ensure you and your baby will be safe from biting fleas, sand fleas, mosquitoes and ticks.


Sunglasses are more than cute accessories that make your baby more adorable. They protect the eyes from the sun and they can prevent you from getting wrinkles around your eyes. Bring sunglasses! They offer all kinds of sunglasses for babies and toddlers.


Putting a hat on your baby is another essential tool when you want to keep your baby out of the sun. Make sure the hat has a flap on the back so it also protects your baby’s neck. You want to choose a hat that has a big enough brim to shade your baby’s face from the harmful sun rays. You can get one with a strap so you can always keep it around your baby instead of getting up every two seconds chasing it down the beach because of the wind.

Baby Swimsuit

Your baby needs a swimsuit too, though it is more important that the swimsuit has good quality rash guard. If you want to further protect your baby from the sun, you can go with a long-sleeved bathing suit.

Swim Diapers

In the event your baby wants to get in the water and you feel comfortable enough to put your baby in the water, with supervision of course, make sure you bring swim diapers. This ensures that your baby will not make a mess in their bathing suit. Swim diapers are not very absorbent, so it is important to note that you should only put these on your baby right before he or she gets into the water. Once they are done swimming, put your child back into a regular diaper.

Regular Diapers

These are a must when taking your baby to the beach. You need diapers and wipes everywhere you go and the beach is not exempt from that. When your day at the beach is over and you are trying to clean up, another beach hack is to use baby powder to remove sand.


Anyone that has spent an extended period of time in the sun knows that it can be draining and it makes you hungry. The same thing goes for your baby! Make sure you bring snacks so your baby can stay fed and happy. You can never have too many snacks at the beach.

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